Plan the Perfect Pantry
An Essential in Any Kitchen

As we spend less time eating out and more time at home due to the pandemic, the coronavirus has reintroduced many of us to our kitchen. As many local homeowners have discovered, their pantry wasn’t designed to maximize the storage they need.

“While newer houses often have a larger pantry space, the size of your pantry doesn’t matter as much as organization,” said Kathryn Norton, co-owner of Tailored Living of Knoxville. “A well-designed small pantry often provides better, more convenient, and functional storage than a poorly designed larger pantry.”

No matter its size, today’s pantry should be:
» Convenient – Located at or near the area where food is prepared.
» Visible – Everything in the pantry can be seen at a glance.
» Accessible – Every item can be easily reached and removed without having to move anything else out of the way. Heaviest items, like a mixer, should be close to the floor and least-used items at the highest point.

When designing the layout of your pantry, Tailored Living believes what works best for the homeowner is a design that fits their lifestyle. Tailored Living design consultants will discuss with you how you want to utilize your pantry. Some of the questions a designer may ask are:
» What will be in the pantry besides food? Do you want to store dishes, serve ware, table linens, grilling items, or cleaning supplies in the space?
» Do you entertain a lot and need to store party supplies?
» Do you have a specific design style in mind?
» If you have the space, do you want a countertop – often called a landing area – to put bags of groceries on or, if there’s an outlet in the pantry, everyday items like a coffee maker?

Other pantry elements to consider are drawers or pull-out baskets. Incorporating baskets makes it easy for kids to see and get the food they like to eat or to store large-bulk items like onions or potatoes. Drawers are perfect for linens, grilling utensils, napkins, or any smaller items. Slide-out spice and wine racks add convenience. How much you’re able to customize depends on the size of your pantry.

Whether your pantry provides a walk-in space or is a reach-in, Tailored Living of Knoxville listens to your individual or family’s needs to design a space that works well for your lifestyle. Their job is to design and install a well-organized pantry that brings order to chaos.

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