Last Call for Outdoor Surface Cleaning in 2020

By Christina Fitzwilliam, Co-Owner of Surface Doc

Homeowners that really want to stomp out dirt, grime, mildew, and traffic patterns often understand that the cleaning must start outside and must be done before it gets too cold this winter. Those that neglect the outside cleaning may not truly break the cycle of soil INSIDE the home. This is because when we walk from our car or street into our home, we track soil from the outside right through the indoor areas that have just been cleaned. When ALL soil, dirt, and debris from walkable routes is removed from surfaces outside the home, noticeable traffic patterns take much longer to appear INSIDE the home, keeping it cleaner for much longer.

Almost everyone around Knoxville knows that Surface Doc is the best at cleaning tile and grout, but surprisingly, we still have clients that do not know that one of our most in-demand services is exterior surfaces. We are also experts at cleaning walkways, docks, pool decks, and composite decking. We specialize in soft wash for your home’s exterior, including cedar shakes, stucco, vinyl, brick, and roofs made of asphalt, shingles, slate, clay, and metal. Once your outdoor surfaces are clean, many areas can be sealed and protected from the abuse of Mother Nature.

A word of caution: Stay away from traditional pressure washing! Traditional pressure washing actually causes harm, and a proper mixture of the correct cleaning chemicals, appropriate heat, and adequate pressure are the only way to get real, lasting results. Each walkable surface has its own set of challenges. Sidewalks are often damaged by algae, foot traffic, or vegetation. Driveways tend to accumulate ugly oil stains and lose their luster over time. Wood and composite decking become dangerous as algae embeds deep within the pores of the wood, inviting a slip – especially when surfaces are wet. Or it can become dry and brittle if it has not been cleaned and sealed properly. But what ALL these surfaces have in common is that they can each be easily damaged by traditional pressure washing. We can’t begin to tell you how many well-meaning homeowners have inadvertently pock-marked their own sidewalks or splintered their decks trying to pressure wash them.

Each problem area requires a unique solution… inside AND outside the home. At Surface Doc, we are specifically qualified to tackle each element and the challenges they present. Please give John and his team a call today, and see the difference they will make INSIDE and OUTSIDE your home tomorrow.

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