Halloween: Fun for Families… Scary for Pets?

This Halloween put yourself in your pet’s “shoes” and think like your pet thinks!  People in costumes are scary, and because they don’t fit into the routine home environment, Halloween guests may be perceived as intruders. The chaos of trick-or-treaters, costumes, and such may be troubling even to the best natured dog, making him nervous, irritable, and possibly snapping. Your dog may mistake jovial, good fun for genuine threats.

During Halloween, do not leave your dog in the backyard. There have been reports of taunting, feeding, agitating, and even poisoning dogs on Halloween.  A nervous dog will bark and howl at the constant foot traffic.  Do not put your dog in the car or the garage.  A half hour prior to Halloween festivities, put your dog in a secure, quiet place in your home as far away from the greeting door as possible.  Depending on the dog, you may crate him.  If you insist your dog greet guests, keep him on a leash, as pets can become stressed, feel threatened, and may growl, lunge, or run out the door.

Candy is NOT intended for pets! Chocolate is especially dangerous, and candy wrappers are dangerous, too. If your pet consumes wrappers, it can cause intestinal blockage that can lead to surgery to save his life.  Keep all candy OUT of reach of your pets!

Your dog deserves a Halloween party of their very own!  Make boarding reservations for your dog to attend Ms. C’s exclusive “Doggy Halloween Party.”  We have special nutritious treats planned for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night during Halloween weekend. Call today to reserve your dog’s suite.

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