By Carrie McConkey,

Many of us choose the DIY route when it comes to garage storage and organization. We spend a lot of time looking for just the right components that will fit our space and hold everything, and often we come up short. What if all of your garage needs could be solved at once, saving you money and time? It’s possible, with a professionally designed garage from Knoxville’s own Designer Garages. 

Get Slatwall Savvy

If pegboard is the granddaddy of garage storage systems, slatwall is his in-the-know grandson. Attractive and effective, slatwall offers sleek wall storage with dozens of accessories to hold everything big and small.

Toss the Tool Chest

Quality tool storage cabinets can be costly and take up space. Instead, use custom-designed drawers that will keep your valuable tool collection clean, organized, and close at hand. 

Put Your Workbench to Work

Workbenches are perfect for hobbies, but the DIY version is often too basic. Install custom-designed counter space, power outlets, and task lighting with drawers and cabinets underneath for a useful and enjoyable workspace. 

You can spend days putting up pegboard, shopping for shelves, and buying bins for garage storage and organization. What might save you cash will cost you valuable time, and the results, while practical, may not be perfect. Call or visit the Designer Garages showroom in West Knoxville today, and let Chris McKenry and his team show you the attractive and practical options that will supply your dream garage in no time!

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