Knox Showers has grown out of a locally founded and award-winning handyman business Smart Home Fix. Both Alex Shelyakov and Eugene Khalezov, his business partner and uncle, came to Knoxville as kids with their parents in search of the quintessential “American Dream.” After college and working in the construction and IT/supply chain businesses respectively, Alex and Eugene began Smart Home Fix more than 10 years ago. Knox Showers grew out of a customer need they knew they could fill. Everything Knoxville was able to talk to the guys about their growing company and all the benefits of having a bathroom renovation that includes Knox Showers.

EK: You seem to have decided that Knoxville is “home.” What led to putting down your roots and starting a business here?

Alex: I actually met my wife here when I was only 14! I had big dreams to move to a big city once I was finished with school – little did I know, Knoxville would be my forever home. We got married right out of college, and I started my own construction company. After several years of business, I had repeat customers asking for us to do smaller jobs around their house. I brainstormed the idea of Smart Home Fix but knew that I didn’t want to go it alone.

Eugene: It really is a family business at heart. Alex and I partnered to create Smart Home Fix. Alex is a people person who likes sales and new opportunities, and I am more of the specific business details aspect end. We make a great team.

EK: With more than 10 years as a successful handyman business, why branch out into bathroom shower installations?

Eugene: In the past couple of years, we noticed that the need for people to update their homes had increased dramatically, so we decided to pinpoint what homeowners would find to be the most useful in terms of bathroom renovation. The solution became very clear. Bathroom remodels usually take weeks to do properly with craftsmen using tile and grout. Most people are reluctant to begin a project that may require taking considerable time off work, not to mention dealing with a possibly more than a month’s worth of dust and noise.

Alex: We knew this would be a service many Knoxvillians would appreciate! It took us some time and lots of dedicated research to find the right product, but once we did, we (and our customers) fell in love.

EK: How can Knox Showers be a real asset to any bathroom renovation?

Eugene: We are able to offer a great looking product that is available in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors and that can be installed in days, not weeks.  

Alex: The reasons are clear – we put in a great looking shower faster. It will not look like an ordinary fiberglass tub and is also much easier to clean. Our product comes with a lifetime warranty, looks like tile, and has no maintenance in sealing or cleaning grout. It’s a win-win! 

EK: After a prospective client calls your office, what happens next?

Alex: We don’t have salespeople. Our estimator will come out – in a recognizable ladder-topped Smart Car that made my wife think I was crazy! – to listen to your wants and needs, do measurements, and show you the many products we have to offer. He won’t be pushy and won’t pressure you “to sign.”

Eugene: After the client chooses the specific material color and style, adds convenience items like niches for products or safety features such as grab bars or shower seats, the shower is constructed to their specifications. We then come out and install everything in just a few days. And remember, there is honestly a lifetime warranty!

EK: What is next for Knox Showers?

Alex: We are in the process of creating a showroom (opening in November) within our offices in the Hardin Valley area where people will be able to come see and feel the finished product in its many variations. We are excited to be able to show up close and personal why it is one of the best on the market.

EK: What else should our readers know about Knox Showers?

Alex: In addition to shower inserts, we install all new plumbing fixtures, offer vanity tops, frameless glass doors, seat and bar safety options – all to fit our clients’ lifestyle needs.

Eugene: If you have been putting off renovating a full bathroom due to time and cost, Knox Showers is your perfect resource. Whether you are updating a main bathroom, planning for “age in place,” or creating a “mother-in-law” suite, we have solutions with better service and a better product. We are also able to offer financing with amazing rates, so call us to find out more.

The Many Benefits of a Knox Showers Installation:
• Affordability
• Less mess & life disruption
• Style and color options
• Convenience add-ons
• No grout or sealing needed
• Ease of cleaning
• Lifetime warranty

Knox Showers