The Many Benefits of Direct Physician Care

As an osteopathic physician trained in internal medicine, rheumatology, and regenerative medicine, Dr. Brett Smith specializes in adult and pediatric rheumatological conditions and musculoskeletal procedures, as well as routine primary care. Dr. Brett and his wife, Dr. Sarah, who is an endocrinologist, have teamed up under Tennessee Direct Rheumatology and Endocrinology to bring their patients the best in diagnostics, treatments, and therapies.

Tennessee Direct, as an active DPC (Direct Primary Care) and DSC (Direct Specialty Care) practice, is perfect for those seeking high quality, one-on-one personal care with their doctor, direct access through telehealth phone/email/text, same day appointments when needed, and a cost savings on common laboratory tests and medications – all for a monthly membership fee that prioritizes your health and wellness. 

The Direct Physician Care model puts your healthcare back in your control without mainstream health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. As a member, you have access to your physicians, their diagnostic findings, and pursuit of overall wellness with none of the influence of what is “covered” and what is not. All decisions are yours and your physicians – whether diagnostic, medicinal, or therapeutic. Tennessee Direct can especially benefit those patients with previously diagnosed ailments, high deductible insurance policies, or Health Savings Accounts.  

Tennessee Direct is able to offer flat annual fees for clinic visits and price transparency on all other diagnostic screenings with no deductibles, co-pays, or other additional costs. And because of this direct care model, Dr. Brett is able to offer substantially longer office visits, allowing ample time to address all issues and form a strong patient-physician relationship. The patient becomes the priority, not the insurance company or the agenda of any other large institution.

Dr. Brett specifically chose osteopathic medicine to bring integrative medicine into his daily practice by offering the specific benefits of osteopathic manipulative treatment and to incorporate natural therapies that allow the body to promote self-healing. He prioritizes early diagnosis to optimize the outcome for each of his patients. The whole patient – maladies, lifestyle, diet, stress level, etc. – is taken into account in order to provide the most restorative care possible. With an aim to minimize medication usage, Tennessee Direct explores a range of therapies for an inclusive overall solution that you can feel good about, while also providing access to specialty medications when needed. 

If you have felt your healthcare to be more of an assembly line rather than the personal attention you desire, Tennessee Direct Rheumatology and Endocrinology are now accepting new patients. Isn’t it time to forge the doctor-patient relationship you’ve been searching for? With upfront pricing, greater access to your physician, more control over your treatments and therapies, and the time and attention needed for thorough and accurate diagnosis, call Dr. Brett Smith at Tennessee Direct to begin your new and improved healthcare journey.   

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