For more than 16 years, Shae Design Studio has been creating uniquely dynamic interiors tailored to fit their individual clients’ styles and needs. Everything Knoxville caught up with owner Shae Seeber at their new showroom location in Franklin Square to discuss one of their latest epic projects – a deluxe pool house for an area homeowner. Shae shared with us how this project evolved from the first ideas their client had, to the expert planning of the furnishings and accessories, to the beautiful success we see here.

This pool house project began as a collaborative effort between the client, architect, and Shae Design team. Everyone worked through the initial plans together to ensure the final design was exactly as intended for the success of the space and the delight of the client. Furniture layouts were created within the architectural plans, and 3D renderings were “walked through” before the first hammer was ever raised to a nail. Almost every selection was finalized before construction began – from flooring, cabinets, furniture, color palettes, wood stains, light fixtures, countertops, hardware, exterior selections, and even pool finishes. With a cohesive plan set for the entire design, few surprises surfaced during the construction process, allowing the budget to be met, and conception to be realized, to the elation of everyone involved.

The Shae Design team served as project management from beginning to end. Electrical layouts were drawn, lighting plans created, tile installation designed, and furniture layouts planned. SDS facilitated any necessary handholding among the clients, contractors, and subcontractors involved. Most of the furnishings were custom designs by the SDS team, and a multitude of other items were sourced through trusted Shae Design vendors.

From beginning to end, the design team was present throughout every aspect of the design plan, including the final delivery and installation of the project. Furniture was arranged, art was hung, accessories were placed, lamps were illuminated, and pillows were fluffed. Every last detail of the finishing touches convey the message the clients longed to send: “Welcome to our home.”

This project beautifully serves as the ideal relationship between contractor, client, architect, and interior designer.

Interior Design: Pool House Project

Design Selections
Some call it “soup to nuts.” Our Interior Design team collaborated for months with the client and architect to bring a pool house dream to reality. From the architectural details to the electrical plan and decorative finishes, we worked with the contractors to ensure the success of the stunning end result. The beauty of the beams, cabinetry, countertops, custom fixtures, and upholstery make this local pool house the envy of all.

The Furniture
While we’ve seen countless woven and leather elements in design throughout the years, the warmth and dimension these materials bring to a space remains indisputable. We love incorporating a variety of textures in our projects to add interest and set the tone of the overall aesthetics. This particular project is replete with custom textiles, hand-selected fabrics, and unique furniture pieces that were all designed and selected by our team.

The Lighting
Artisan-crafted, expertly placed lighting adds sparkle, interest, dimension, and life to a space. Great lighting has the power to determine the mood, energy, and focus of your most beloved belongings and environments. The delicate balance of light and shade brings undeniable perfection to an interior. The scale required for the vaulted ceilings in this project makes these jewelry pieces breathtaking!

The Textiles
Textiles bring texture, comfort, beauty, and durability to your home. The layering of upholstery, pillows, throws, and rugs can soften the hard architectural details and create a collected, well-lived-in feel to a space. Cool hues and muted tones set the relaxing energy of this luxurious backyard pool retreat, creating vacation vibes mere steps from the client’s backdoor. During a worldwide pandemic, this lucky Knoxville family can escape to paradise without ever leaving home.

The Décor
This design project was all about styling. The most successful décor has a meticulous mix of materials, well-defined color palette, and complementary accents, which ultimately define how a space is experienced. With curated décor, natural elements, art, and finishing touches, this pool house project exceeded client expectations and brought their dream to life. The Shae Design team looks forward to doing the same for your next project.

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