Prepping for the School Year with Organization
By Carrie McConkey,

“Getting organized” is something we all know we should do, but often the activity gets pushed aside to make room for more pressing priorities. Perhaps we need to move the endeavor up the list. Clearing clutter, creating systems, and developing routines can reduce stress and ward off depression – useful benefits in times such as these. And for children experiencing a very different academic school year, getting organized can be a lifesaver.

Room to Think
An environment freed of clutter allows a child to focus on the task at hand – be it schoolwork or renewing playtime. Having the space to spread out with a project creates feelings of safety, security, and clarity. And family schedules can progress smoother when storage zones are designated and regularly maintained, allowing everyone to find what they need, when they need it. Establish fun incentives for your child to regularly go through their room, backpack, etc., putting things back where they belong and discarding or donating items they no longer need or use.

All Systems Go
Creating systems is another form of organization that teaches children how to streamline regularly occurring activities. Closet organization makes it easier to get dressed in the morning, and using a calendar to keep track of assignments and special school events prevents those dreaded “day of” surprises. A whiteboard can list reminders, reachable goals, and to-dos. And encouraging your child to proactively add needed supplies, food, or other items to the family shopping list can teach them how to anticipate and plan ahead.

Step One, Two, Three
In times of uncertainty and distraction, established routines can offer a sense of peace, normalcy, and direction. Routines teach organization through a set of established steps, calming children through repetition and giving them the triggers they need to perform a task. A designated quiet place to study can ready him or her to begin their homework, just as washing their hands can prepare them for a meal. A 10-minute evening routine of tidying, making sure lunch ingredients are on hand, and laying out any needed school supplies and homework can give everyone a head start on the following day.

In this climate of upheaval and change, the simple concept of organization can provide a school year advantage for children and equip them with skills that will last a lifetime. Call Closets by McKenry for imaginative organization solutions that will benefit the entire family.

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