Have You Ever Been Stoned?

By David Brewster, Owner of Aqua Clear Water Systems, LLC

We aren’t talking about laughing on the floor in your freshman college dorm room stoned. We’re talking about crying on the toilet, questioning if you are dying, stoned.

Kidney stones hurt! Ask a person who has experienced them to rank it on a pain scale of 1 to 10, and they’ll tell you it’s off the chart. Women will tell you it’s more painful than childbirth. Based on that, I want to do everything I can to NOT be the 1 out of 10 humans that pass a stone in their lifetime. You, too? Then, what could we do to prevent that?

Doctors will tell you the most important prevention method is drinking PLENTY of water to flush your kidneys! Except the doctor forgot to tell you one very important fact: The QUALITY of your water matters. Think about it. If your body is producing kidney stones, which are made up of calcium shards, wouldn’t it make sense to drink water that’s calcium-free?

Hard water is miracle-grow for kidney stones. If you look under your refrigerator water dispenser, you’d likely see white build-up, which is a sign your water is full of dissolved rock. If this build-up is calcifying over your showerheads, faucets, fridge water dispenser, and coffee maker, what do you think it is doing to your “internal body pipes?”

A PubMed article performed a “double-blind randomized trial” with 18 chronic kidney stone patients. In this experiment, one group drank hard water and the other soft water. Do you know what they found? In the patients who drank hard water, there was a 50% increase in the urinary calcium concentration and a 300% increase in the calcium-citrate index. So, what’s the solution? To drink pure water!

Most of us believe bottled water is “pure.” However, most have mineral additives in them. So if you’re sick of lugging around those cheap, single-use plastic water bottles that aren’t really pure, you should invest in your own “bottled water factory!” For as low as $1 a day, you can have 4,000 purified water bottles at your kitchen sink!

Aqua Clear Water Systems can help you do that. We have installed more than 30,000 pieces of water filtration equipment over 25+ years. One client had suffered 71 stones in 1 year, but after installing our system, they NEVER had a stone again. Talk about “Changing Water, Changing Lives!”

So what are you waiting for? It doesn’t cost you a dime to have a conversation with us. We’d love to credit your account $200 just because we can’t wait to hear your kidney stone success story. Give us a call today, and it could change your health for the better!

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