We are all aware that our healthcare system is broken and becoming more frustrating:

• You are paying more to have less access to your doctor than ever before.

• When you do go see your doctor, you get an average of 7 minutes for your visit – and that is after having to book an appointment weeks (maybe months) in advance. 

• Urgent care is who treats you when you are sick, not your doctor.  

• You often feel like your insurance adjusters are calling the shots over your healthcare.

It’s time to take back the control of your health with a provider you have access to when you need them and that can give you the time your health deserves. By removing the insurance middleman, MBody Healthcare is restoring the doctor-patient connection with improved overall health, including savings in time and money in the process. By cutting out the insurer, they keep costs low, access to care open, and decision-making in the hands of the doctor and patient. You will get the healthcare you deserve, on your time, with direct access and a personal relationship with your provider.

MBody Healthcare is a concierge or direct primary care practice. They are a doctor and nurse practitioner team – Meikel Major, MD and Melissa Major, NP – with more than 40 years combined medical experience. Most of their background has been internal medicine, although Dr. Major is a board-certified family practice physician. During his 17 years in the Air Force, he had the honor of working at the Pentagon, as well as a provider for servicemen. Melissa has invested a large part of her nursing career in geriatrics and rural health population. Most recently they have been employed as hospitalists in the local area and have served the community throughout the recent/ongoing pandemic. Throughout the years, they have consistently been told by patients that they are easy to talk to and are described as “down to earth.”

Direct care is rising in popularity as an alternative to the commercial health insurance marketplace. MBody Healthcare patients pay a monthly membership fee that includes all primary and preventive care, as well as acute needs when they arise – no commercial insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare needed. Their patients have direct provider access (24 hours a day for emergencies), a personalized relationship with the doctor (aiding to greater insight), same/next day appointments (no more urgent care or ER waiting rooms), and longer appointment times, all of which ensure quicker diagnosis and thus treatment.

Rewrite your personal healthcare to include physician access, time, and connection.

MBody Healthcare

10414 Jackson Oaks Way, Suite 102
Knoxville, TN 37922