Surface Doc is Growing!

Now Available in Oak Ridge and Clinton

By Leif Kolach, Surface Doc Area Manager

One day, my wonderful, loving wife and I decided that we needed to make a move. A move away from the place we both grew up but now found unsuitable to raise our children. Through prayer and guidance, we made the trek from California to our new home in Tennessee!

What we found here was more than we expected. I opened a small cleaning business, Servant’s Heart, and we enrolled our kids in a great school. We found a wonderful church and found peace knowing we could be certain in a bright future for our children.

My wife, Jessica, who makes friends with everyone she meets, struck up a conversation with a woman at the store one day. Her name was Christina, and her husband was in the same profession! Fast forward a year, and I gave up Servant’s Heart to open a new service area for Surface Doc. I wasn’t too proud to say that Surface Doc had developed better processes for doing the same job. As I thoroughly enjoy what I do, having the best equipment and knowledge for each cleaning task makes every day on the job an absolute treat.

Our small family is thriving here, and we are incredibly blessed and grateful. Jessica is busy at home taking care of her dad and the kids. She is active in her prayer group, enjoys home improvement shows, and is absolutely my best friend. Our daughter, Bella, is an avid cook who also excels at baking, enjoys reading, and is an honor roll student. She loves serving in the church nursery. Our son, Silas, is a champion speller, who also loves to read, has a skill for drawing, and is a straight A student. Both children have a love for the Lord and continue to make their parents proud.

When I do take time off, I enjoy spending it with my family, always finding new, fun experiences to make lasting memories. I also find joy in facilitating a men’s group called “Maximized Manhood.”

Seeing surfaces restored to their original luster is what makes me happy during the week, and seeing my smiling wife and kids is what I look forward to every evening. I can’t wait to meet you and be of service!

Surface Doc