I remember last Halloween joking with my kids about the “dad tax.”  Bryan, my oldest, asked, “What’s a dad tax?” “Oh, easy,” I replied. “For every three pieces you receive, I get one.” Needless to say, I’ve soured my children’s opinion on taxes.  

Kids and candy aside, taxes leave a sour taste with retirees also! Here’s a scenario to consider: Joe, age 65, has accumulated $1M in his company 401(k). He is proud of his accomplishment and excited to start withdrawing $3K/month to help cover his monthly hobbies and expenses. Imagine his surprise, however, when his accountant says his “take-home” pay after taxes is closer to $2,400 (once accounting for his pension and other income sources). Since Joe saved on a “pre-tax” basis, he must pay ordinary income tax on every dollar he withdraws. 

That’s not all. If Joe is collecting social security, he could be subjecting up to 85% of his benefits to taxation! He could also be triggering a future increase in his Medicare premiums if he’s not careful.         

A good financial advisor can devise a plan that provides the income you need without overpaying in taxes (or triggering an increase in your Medicare premiums!). Are you prepared to send Uncle Sam his due without leaving a tip? Call us today to review your tax strategy and understand all of your options! 

Travis Cullman, CFP®, CPFA
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