Avoid Separation Anxiety as Kids Head Back to School

August is a month of change for the family dog. Kids go back to school, football season begins, and we’re constantly on the go. Dogs are creatures of habit – they feel the additional stress of the family’s changing schedule, which can result in anxiety. Causes include:

» Separation anxiety: With no kids to play with during the day, begin preparing your dog. A week before school, separate your dog from the family for a short 15 minutes, gradually increasing the time. The dog has been the center of attention during the summer, romping and playing with the kids, and this routine needs to change before school starts. Provide toys for the dog. Have the dog spend more time playing by themselves. Each time you leave the home begin ignoring the dog at least 10 minutes before you depart.

» Boredom: Dogs sleep much of the day, and when they wake up, they want something to do. Provide interactive toys, such as peanut butter filled Kongs, Buster Cube, or a Roll-a-Treat ball.

» Holding (nature) too long: It is not reasonable to expect a dog to routinely “hold it” for much longer than eight hours maximum. Do not expect a young or small dog to “hold it” longer than two to four hours. Don’t leave your dog alone for an unreasonable amount of time.

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