Choosing Fido’s Best Boarding Vacation

Just as you choose a hotel for your personal vacation, you should choose a fun resort for your four-legged kids’ home away from home. These important features should be present:

• Tours available prior to initial stay. If the kennel does not offer tours, cross it off your list!
• Kennels should smell clean with no odor of stale urine. Good ventilation systems should be in place, along with a sanitation system. If the kennel smells sour when you walk in the lobby, walk out!
• Clean food and water bowls.
• Outdoor play yard should be large, allowing dogs to romp and play. It should be free of debris.
• Caring, loving, and detail-oriented staff. 24 hour surveillance with someone living on premises is ideal.

Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits offers all these basics, plus many additional amenities, including:

• Large suites with plenty of room for dogs to move around and not feel cramped.
• Special handling of elderly dogs.
• Separate play groups based on activity level.
• Nightly “tuck in” with homemade biscuits.
• TGIF all-meat hot dogs every Friday, special treats on holidays such as pumpkin muffins and almond biscottis.
• Surround sound music.
• Certified PetAirapy Air Purification System.
• Free bath after five-night stay.

Call Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits for your tour and to arrange your dog’s special vacation. Daycare is also available.

Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits
2145 Beals Chapen Road
Lenoir City, TN 37772