If you have putting been off updating a full bathroom due to time and cost, Knox Showers now has an affordable, great looking alternative. They offer the best product on the market for quick shower makeovers in a variety of designs and custom sizes. It looks just like tile, is made of 100% non-porous acrylic that is incredibly easy to clean, resistant to mold and mildew, and has a slip-resistant surface. What more could you ask for?

Knox Showers is an offshoot of Smart Home Fix handyman company. Alex Shelyakov and Eugene Khalezov began Smart Home Fix almost 10 years ago and have added Knox Showers as a much needed and successful enterprise to further serve their customers. With financing options and a product that is guaranteed forever (yes, forever), Alex and Eugene continue to rack up happy clients! 

These custom showers with brilliant designs can be installed in just days (yes, days) and come in stylish “tile” options and colors to fit your renovation décor. Frameless shower doors are also available. And with added shower safety features like built-in seats and grab bars, your shower remodel can be optimized for you and your loved ones. It’s beautiful and functional!

So forget daunting product wait times and the thought of being without a bathroom during a long renovation – Alex and Eugene are here to help. If you are thinking of remodeling one of the full bathrooms in your current home, locally owned and operated Knox Showers is the place you should start. 

Knox Showers
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