By Brett Cafferty

We are excited that this edition of Everything Knoxville is reaching new readers in portions of Oak Ridge and additional neighborhoods in the quickly growing Hardin Valley area.

For those who are receiving Everything Knoxville for the first time – we are celebrating our 15th year of promoting and sharing the services and expertise of area professionals and entrepreneurs, publicizing cultural events, local interest, history, what to do around town, and the good and giving work of non-profit and community organizations.

The idea to expand our readership was proposed by John at Surface Doc, a long-time advertiser who plans to establish a greater presence in the Oak Ridge area and suggested we consider widening our distribution. We thought it was worth exploring, and an inquiry among our advertisers to reach new readers and potential customers came back with an enthusiastic yes!

We appreciate the cooperative spirit among our advertiser/business partners and their support of this expansion. For our new readers, we trust that the resources and information available through Everything Knoxville will be well received, and we encourage you to support the small businesses in our communities.

As we continue to share the small business stories of Knoxville and beyond, we invite your feedback and comments as we seek to do the best job possible for our clients and readers.

Have a Happy 4th of July!