It’s Time to Do Something About That Kitchen

By Todd Thomas, Owner of Sticks 2 Stones Design

While you’ve been following the recommended “safe at home” and “social distancing” guidelines, you’ve likely discovered an even newer phenomenon – “spring cabin fever.” The symptoms are unmistakable. You find yourself streaming endlessly, and you’re becoming increasingly aware of that growing list of home projects that you’ve been conveniently postponing.

Be honest. Have you’ve been postponing that family kitchen makeover?

If it’s time to move forward with that new kitchen redesign, or perhaps a showcase kitchen for that new home you’ve been dreaming about, you’re in for a bit of a surprise. You’re about to discover that even custom kitchen cabinetry is, well, not exactly custom. Even so-called custom cabinets have design limitations. These limitations exist even with name brand cabinet manufacturers. Manufacturers design their custom cabinetry lines on standard component sizes. You will likely also have to select from limited hardware, color, and stain options. At Sticks 2 Stones Design, we’ve changed all that. That’s why we offer homeowners our proprietary Amish Select line of fully custom-built kitchen cabinetry.

Today’s kitchens should be bold and imaginative. Why should you have to settle for custom cabinets that are less than custom? Kitchens are no longer places just for the family meal. Kitchens should inspire future gourmets, become a social gathering and entertainment centers for guests, and even a cherished place for those romantic dinners. With Amish Select, you’re in complete control of your kitchen design because we hand-craft each and every cabinet to your exact specifications. Your cabinet size, door profile, accent trim, colors, stains, and hardware are not limited to what the so-called custom cabinet manufacturers offer. We are the manufacturer, and we offer you limitless options. So why downgrade your dream kitchen when you can choose Amish Select Fine Handmade Cabinetry?

At Sticks 2 Stones Design, we specialize in inspiring homeowners to “go one step beyond” when imaging and designing their dream kitchen. Overwhelmed? Don’t be. We’ll assist you every step of the way with layout, flow, lighting, colors, appliances, flooring, décor, electronics, and, of course, truly custom kitchen cabinetry.

Surprisingly affordable, our proprietary Amish Select line of fine custom kitchen cabinetry was named to honor the master Amish craftsmen who individually hand-craft each and every cabinet. Amish Select Fine Handmade Cabinetry from Sticks 2 Stones Design offers today’s discriminating homeowners the quality and craftsmanship they deserve at a truly affordable price when compared to other existing custom cabinetry offerings. Our Amish Select cabinetry is the pride and joy of our custom cabinetry company and the crown jewel of so many of our clients’ homes that we have been privileged to design custom kitchens and baths for.

Reflecting the centuries-old traditions of our Amish craftsmen for high ethical and moral standards and a respect for nature, the time honored techniques of our Amish craftsmen deliver a level of quality that you might have thought no longer existed in today’s fast paced, offshore, assembly line world – and at prices lower than you might have thought possible. Like us, you will discover that Amish Select is not a style, but rather it defines a level of quality that is unsurpassed in today’s kitchen and bath cabinetry marketplace.

If you’re planning on building a new home or remodeling your home’s existing kitchen or bath, I would like to personally invite you to discover the Sticks 2 Stones Design and Amish Select difference. Let’s “go one step beyond” in imagining, planning, and designing your home’s new kitchen and baths with:

» Unlimited options
» Individually hand-crafted cabinetry
» Furniture grade craftsmanship
» 100% American made
» 100% American hardwoods

To discover the Amish Select difference today, call to set up a personal consultation. It’s free, and there’s no obligation. Bring your photos, blueprints, and favorite design magazine ideas and begin your journey to the truly custom kitchen of your dreams.

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