While it is estimated that only 50% of our current health system and only one-third of our physicians will remain in the next decade, is it any wonder that patients who value their relationships with their providers are concerned that the future of medical care is being driven by the bottom line insurance companies? Fortunately, a growing number of private practice medical providers are pushing back against this managed care trend so common in European socialized medical models.

Gallian Medical Group, launched by husband and wife team, Scott Gallian, MD, MBA, and U.S. Air Force veteran and Lauren Gallian, FNP-BC, in nearby Hardin Valley, offers patients a totally new approach to full-service primary care in a compassionate and caring environment. Complete with in-house diagnostic lab, EKG, and X-ray services, Gallian Medical Group offers their patients a level medical excellence not often found today.

“What patients appreciate most about Gallian Medical Group is a level of care that they remember from the past,” said Scott. “Gone are the ‘bus station-like’ waiting room experiences and ‘steeple chase-like’ visits with your healthcare provider. What remains is a team and of experienced and dedicated medical professionals who are totally committed to your individual healthcare needs in a caring, compassionate, and unrushed environment.”

“We wanted to put the focus back on the patient and not lock them into a typical 15-minute box,” said Lauren. “Our patients love it. When I ask a new patient why they selected Gallian, they respond that they felt rushed or didn’t feel they were listened to at their previous doctor’s office. We don’t practice ‘assembly-line’ medicine.”

“Patients want a provider they can stay with for life, not someone that moves on after the provider’s contract expires,” said Scott. “Patients want their provider, not a replacement or substitute.”

“Our incredible medical team, including our newest team member, Gina Bearden, FNC-BC, are the real reason for our success,” added Lauren. “We feel the patients’ relationship with our medical team is as important as the patients’ relationship with us. Our staff is like family to us.”

Medicare patients especially appreciate the level of personalized attention they receive at Gallian Medical Group.

“Our Medicare patients often have more healthcare needs and higher expectations,” said Scott. “We want them to know that we’re here to meet their expectations and provide the quality care they deserve.”

Gallian Medical Group also does not want any patient to ignore their existing healthcare needs during this pandemic. You are encouraged to visit their website to learn about their recommended COVID-19 safety precautions, as well their Telemedicine services being offered.

Rediscover a level of medical care that you may have thought no longer existed.

Gallian Medical Group
10744 Hardin Valley Road, Suite 106
Knoxville, TN 37932