Staycation Your Home This Summer

Today homeowners are remaining at home more than ever in response to the COVID-19 virus. But Americans are responding to the virus and its impact on our daily lives in a variety of ways, including creating great out-of-door staycation places in their home’s backyard designed to supplant curtailed or canceled family vacations.

Many families have chosen to reallocate the dollars that they had planned to spend on cruises and road trips this year to new or expanded decks and patios, pools, landscaping, pergolas, screened porches – you name it. Exciting new staycation places in your very own great American backyard provides your family safety, entertainment, and the opportunity to create an abundance of memories that will last a lifetime.

At Personal Space, we’re experts at creating staycation places. Screened porches, three and four season rooms, pergolas, new or expanded decks, or refurbishing your home’s existing deck are just a few of the projects you might be considering when creating or enhancing your family’s staycation place.

As both general contractors and architects, we possess the necessary skills and experience needed to create your home’s staycation places. We can help you design a stunning new deck for your home or give your home’s existing deck a much needed face lift. How about a pergola in a new garden area or screening in your porch to help keep the insects away? Your staycation place potential is limited only by your imagination, and we’re here to inspire you.

Let Personal Space help you provide unlimited staycation memories for your family this year and for many years to come. Your great American staycation experiences await you. Call us at 865-271-7998 today.

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