When you’re a senior citizen, having good friends and being social positively affects you both physically and mentally. Studies have found that socializing can strengthen your immune system, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease, as well as sharpen your memory and help you sleep better. Friends cause better overall health because they motivate healthy habits and keep your health on track by helping you stay vigilant.

Loneliness has been linked to a higher risk of depression, dementia, and cognitive decline. Having strong friendships and simply talking to someone can lead to improved self-confidence, increased happiness, and a better outlook on life.

When it comes to building relationships, experts suggest finding supportive people with similar interests. Here are some good ways to meet new people:

» Volunteer. Pitch in to help others or your community – it’s a chance to get out of the house and enjoy face-to-face interaction.

» Take a class. You can find classes by searching online for topics that interest you. Check out local organizations such as the YMCA.

» Get moving. Try an activity that will get you out and moving around. Parkview communities each have a state-of-the-art fitness center and a beautiful, pet-friendly walking trail.

» Get involved with your faith community. If you’re religious, check out events happening at your local place of worship.

» Connect via social media. Sites like Facebook can help you find and reconnect with old friends and join groups that interest you.

» Cheer on your team. An easy way to find people with similar interests is connecting with fans through fan pages and forums. Or gather your friends at Parkview together to watch the big game.

Taking steps toward actively being social in a safe manner and pursing good relationships will set you on a path towards a healthy mindset and lifestyle. Parkview Senior Living values friendship and socializing in their community and offers multiple amenities to help you embody your inner social butterfly.

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