“My family has lived in Knoxville since 2000,” said Margaret Hunt. “I’ve been married to my husband, Bob, for 30 years, and we have three daughters.”

Margaret first contacted Andrew Henderson, owner of Fitness Together, several years ago to learn about their training and the costs involved.

“My youngest daughter had expressed interest in working with a personal trainer because she isn’t fond of group exercise classes, so I contacted Fitness Together,” she said. “We started working with Hannah Maples, a personal trainer, in October 2019.”

Like many people, Margaret had been fighting a life-long battle with her weight.

“My goals were to lose weight, increase my strength and flexibility, and to hopefully maintain this lifestyle,” she said. “I want to be around to meet my grandchildren and to age as well as I can.

“My daughter and I have had an exceptionally positive experience working with Hannah. She is positive, encourages us to do our best, prompts us when we need to improve our technique, and provides regular feedback on our progress. She’s been fantastic.

“We’ve had a great experience. When fitness centers closed for the COVID-19 pandemic, we worked remotely with Hannah via FaceTime. We were also able to check out weight equipment we didn’t have at home so we could continue to work toward our fitness goals. We sincerely appreciated Hannah’s help and the support of the team at Fitness Together.”

“We’re in the process of meeting many of the goals we have set. Physical fitness is a life-long process, so there’s always work to be done on goals.”

When asked if she would recommend Fitness Together to others, Margaret responded, “Absolutely. I think the benefits of working with a personal trainer are that they can help you set goals for your current health status and fitness levels, they can help you stay accountable and not lose heart when meeting your goals come slowly, and if you’re shy or introverted like me, you can work out and not worry too much about looking too awkward.” 

To learn more about Fitness Together and how you and every member of your family can enhance your lifestyle and longevity, contact them right away. Today personal fitness is more important than ever.

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