Fields Center for Women’s Health & Robotic Surgery
Combining the Latest Medical Innovations with Compassionate Care

A longtime advocate for advanced medical care access for women in medicine and surgery, Dr. Michael Fields has also championed health and wellness with a specific comprehensive approach to each individual woman. Known nationally for his contribution to quality patient care in the operating room setting, that same passion exists in his medical practice. He is complemented by a phenomenal team of compassionate, skilled health professionals. Fields Center for Women’s Health & Robotic Surgery launched in 2010 and has become known not only for bringing innovative technology into the office setting, but also for their unique, authentic attention to each individual patient.

Led by Anya Zerilla, WHNP, and the exciting addition of Catherine Kingery, WHNP, they offer you a snapshot of this long-standing, unique practice. From body contouring and vaginal rejuvenation to hormone replacement therapy and weight loss, the office is the true definition of comprehensive, holistic care.

Michael Fields, MD, FACOG
Dr. Fields performed the first gynecologic robotic minimally invasive procedure in the region in 2006 and has since become a pioneer in the field. He has contributed to the development of multiple robotic procedures, including endometriosis resection, nerve sparing hysterectomy, removal of fibroids and prolapse surgeries, and teaches these procedures across the nation. He established protocols that are used internationally for a safer and more efficient operating room with a focus not only on patient outcome, but patient experience as well. With a nurse for a mother and a Baptist minister for a father, he stands out in the surgery world with his bedside manner and time spent with each individual patient.

“Our commitment to technical expertise and personal attention to each patient is of utmost importance, whether in surgery or in the office,” said Dr. Fields.

Outside of the operating room, Dr Fields is a proud father of two children and tries his best not to miss a sporting event or extracurricular activity. He also enjoys backpacking and fly fishing. He describes himself as an amateur musician and plays several instruments.

Anya Zerilla, WHNP
Anya Zerilla is a Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner providing gynecological and obstetric care. She also serves as the Director for our Center of Wellness. Anya’s commitment to a comprehensive and holistic approach to patient issues led her to develop expertise in several areas, with a healthy and diverse practice.

“I have a firm belief in creating a safe environment for my patients to address their physical and emotional concerns, recognizing that true care for each patient is not just medications and treatments, but also providing a listening ear,” said Anya.

Spending the last 14 years in women’s care, Anya provides a wide range of services to women of all ages, including adolescents. In addition to offering routine annuals and contraceptive counseling, she is one of the most experienced providers of hormone replacement therapy in the region, including pellet therapy. She also provides management of thyroid conditions and weight loss options and is skilled at combining these disciplines in developing a successful management plan for each individual patient. In addition to her success in the medical practice, she is also a successful mom of two teenage daughters, three rescue pups, and loves cheering on her Volunteers.

Catherine Kingery, WHNP
Catherine Kingery is a Board Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner practicing for more than 12 years. She began her career as a Labor & Delivery Registered Nurse in 2002, giving her a diverse perspective and knowledge base for women’s health. Catherine believes the greatest investment in life is one’s health, and she dedicates countless hours to help her patients achieve that.

“Preventive health should be a focus,” said Catherine. “During each visit, I believe there is an opportunity to learn the importance of practicing good health and maintaining your body throughout one’s entire lifetime.”

Catherine creates a respectful environment for patients to address concerns, and she believes a collaborative approach that involves the patient is the best way to achieve health goals. Outside of the office, Catherine loves spending time with her husband and two sons, especially watching them play baseball. They also love to travel and, of course, cheer on the Vols.

Advanced Procedures Offered in Office
Votiva by Inmode is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment designed to tighten pelvic muscles and treat the effects of vaginal laxity such as incontinence and loss of sensitivity. It is also an effective treatment for vaginal dryness.

Contoura by Inmode is the fastest rising aesthetic procedure around the world. Safe and effective, this non-surgical treatment uses top-of-the-line technology to permanently eliminate up to 30% of targeted fat cells. By using heat instead of cooling, there is greater reduction in problematic fatty tissue compared to other procedures. Contoura combines a superficial action on the skin, which improves skin texture and treats cellulite.

EndoSee is an in-office fiberoptic scope that allows visualization of the inside of the uterus without the need for anesthesia. This simplifies biopsies and treatment for small polyps, avoiding unnecessary surgery.

Discover how the Fields Center for Women’s Health & Robotic Surgery can help you feel and look your best with the most advanced medical technologies available and a level of compassionate care that you may have thought no longer existed in today’s medical marketplace. To learn more, call 865-288-7300 or visit them online at Discover an entirely new level of wellness and compassionate care.

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