Who They Serve Will Truly Amaze You

What would possess a mother of three post-adolescent children, busy housewife, and former educator and athlete to launch a new business? Inspiration from others and a lot of it! Inspiration from her son with autism, inspiration from her two other children and her amazing husband, inspiration from another business who hired her son and others with differing needs, inspiration from other parents, teachers, and community.

Jodie discovered this inspiration through some life challenges that might have overwhelmed others, but she has chosen to look at those challenges as good things in her life – things that have allowed her to grow.

It was Michael Jr. (Emmy), Jodie’s second child, who opened her eyes to an entirely new world. Jodie wanted to create a place of acceptance, understanding, and a place for people with differing abilities to learn work, social, and life skills. She launched Emmy’s Frozen Yogurt in Knoxville. Emmy’s hopes to help those with differing abilities develop the skills needed for other work opportunities and grow in confidence. We also hope to help the community understand people’s differences and embrace everyone.

However, the quality of yogurt is also important and a passion. Most yogurt lovers might be surprised to learn that not all yogurt is created equal. At Emmy’s Frozen Yogurt, expect to find healthy yogurts made from all-natural ingredients, gluten-free, with no artificial flavors, vegan options, and stevia and fruit sugar sweetened.

Emmy’s is located at 124 N. Forest Park Boulevard in Bearden near Earth Fare. You are invited to discover some amazingly tasty and healthy yogurt. Even more amazingly, you are invited to support and encourage neighbors who truly appreciate the opportunity to serve all of you.

Emmy’s Frozen Yogurt
124 N. Forest Park Blvd
Knoxville, TN 37919