Dog owners realize that a balanced diet and exercise are vital to a dog’s health, but many don’t recognize the significance of dog socialization. Instinctively, dogs are pack animals; poorly socialized dogs are not inherent. Dogs who are not socialized become fearful of unusual or new circumstances, and stress has a negative effect on your dog’s mind and body.

Because of the way the brain develops, socializing a dog who has been raised without any canine interactions as a pup gets harder as the dog gets older. During puppyhood and adolescence, dogs are open to new experiences. With proper early socialization, most dogs will be comfortable in a variety of situations. Still, with the right help, older dogs can be socialized.

We received a recent reservation request from dog owners who stated, “My dog is older. She’s never been boarded or around other dogs. We need to board her. Can you assist us?” Yes, but it can be challenging for the dog if not done properly. We suggest an introduction time. Depending on the amount of time between the request and actual boarding, we will begin acclimating the dog to our environment, which is a totally new experience for her. We recommend a visit for a couple hours, followed by half day and full day daycare before her staycation. During this adjustment period, your dog builds her impressions and attitudes about us. She will have a positive experience, which helps build a happy foundation for her boarding.

We’re happy to visit with you regarding your boarding needs and dog’s socialization skills. Discover how doggy daycare can help even the most timid dog become relaxed and happy in a canine only resort while you are away from them.

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