Say Goodbye to Your Generic Pharmacy

Now available to serve its Knoxville area neighbors, believeRX will officially open its doors in June/early July. Promising to provide an exciting, new, and fresh approach to the retail pharmacy marketplace, believeRX offers its customers the type of retail experience you may remember from childhood but that you might have thought no longer existed – an experience where you are greeted warmly and listened to carefully, rather than the assembly line, take a number scenario so common today.

If you thought that a compassionate and caring pharmacy was a thing of the past, it’s only because you haven’t visited believeRX. Here are just a few ways that believeRX will make a difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

After-Hours Prescription Delivery
“believeRX has made a full-time commitment to our customers,” said Gabriella Bowers, believeRX co-owner. “We decided to put our customers first, even after we have closed for the day. Our pharmacist will be on call from after closing time to 10 pm every evening.”

Established patients at believeRX and their families will receive the best care possible, whether it’s during their normal business hours or an unforeseen late night trip to the emergency room.

“Once the patient receives their prescription, they will take it to our pharmacy, located at 9627 Countryside Center Lane in Knoxville, and place it in our convenient drop box,” said Gabriella. “Call the phone number displayed on the drop box, and then go to the comfort of your home while we take care of the rest. As soon as your prescription is ready, it will personally be delivered to your front door free of charge. This is a huge commitment to our customers but one that we believe our customers deserve. Our commitment to you is to offer you the best care available anywhere and to fully answer all of your questions so that you and your loved ones will be fully knowledgeable about the medications you are taking.”

believeRX also offers prescription delivery service to your home for any specialty medications that you or a family member may require. Many of these medications must be stored and maintained properly at proper temperatures to protect their effectiveness.

“We don’t feel that your mailman should be the individual delivering your life saving medications,” said Gabriella. “That responsibility is best left to our pharmacist, who has properly stored your medication, who will bring it to your home, answer any questions that you might have, and who will make sure you are taking the medication correctly. When you are dealing with a life-saving medication, it’s very important to get it right the first time.”

High-Quality Vitamins and Supplements
“Vitamins and supplements vary widely in their quality and effectiveness,” said Ellen Phillips, believeRX pharmacist and founder. “That’s why we’ve chosen some of the best companies to partner with for our vitamins and supplements. Life Extension has been at the forefront of groundbreaking medical research for more than 35 years. Many of the strategies and supplement discoveries they recommend are so advanced that they’re 10 to 20 years ahead of the medical mainstream. Their revolutionary formulas, amazing breakthroughs, and commitment to health advances have made history.

“Life Extension offers a large selection of high-quality vitamins and supplements for your everyday needs. Their products are created to promote a longer, healthier life and are not only for humans, but are also for pets. Their belief in a scientific approach to better nutrition has always been the cornerstone of Life Extension. They offer a large selection of products to promote healthy living, including skin care, vitamins and minerals, supplements, herbs and botanicals, hormone replacement, weight loss supplements, and lab tests. We share their main focus as we both partner together to help promote greater longevity and help you become the best version of yourself while you’re alive.”

believeRX has also partnered with Isotonix. Isotonix offers powder supplements that become isotonic once the proper amount of powder and water are mixed together. Once the supplement is made in to the isotonic form, the osmotic pressure matches the osmotic pressure of body fluids, which allows the supplement to bypass the digestion process and reach the site of action faster in its most active form. This is what makes Isotonix formulas more effective than standard supplement formulas, because they offer the fastest and most effective way to get the maximum delivery of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into your bloodstream. The stomach has very little work to do because the pH and toxicity are designed to allow the stomach to quickly release all the nutrients into the small intestine. Isotonix formulas require about five minutes for this process to occur.

Isotonix products are completely free of binders and fillers, which are common in traditional tablets or capsules. Isotonix uses only the highest quality ingredients in their products, from gluten-free, vegetarian, and no detectable GMOs to isotonic-capable drinkable supplements. Isotonic offers great tasting vitamins and supplements, including Vitamin D with K2, Activated B Complex, Turn Down Isotonix Essentials, Calcium Plus, Vitamin C, Multivitamin without/with Iron, Magnesium, OPC-3 Beauty Blend OPC-3, Energy Shots, Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics, Prenatal Multivitamin, Anti-Aging, and so much more.

In addition, believeRX will sell brainMD products, formulated by Daniel G. Amen, MD, who teaches the Brain Health Coach courses. In his studies, Dr. Amen teaches to first fix the brain in order to be successful in everything else, such as weight loss and memory. His products focus on six key areas: Mood, memory, focus, stress, sleep, and everyday.

BrainMD uses three main fundamental key components in all of their products. The first key component is science. Every one of their products has been developed by an MD and PhD based on scientific research. The second key component is ingredients. They source on the purist ingredients in the most bioactive forms available. The third and last key component is testing. Their products are tested for highest potency and purity standards.

BrainMD offers many unique products that are available in capsules, tablets, soft gels, powder, and daily vitamin packets. Your brain is fundamentally who you are, so taking quality supplements can change your life.

“We strongly believe that with our pro-active over-the-counter section, our customers will not only be getting the very best and most thoroughly researched vitamins and supplements available, but also the vitamins and supplements most immediately absorbed by their body,” said Ellen. “This is important because many people are unaware of just how many nutrients their body is lacking, not just from the food they eat, but also from relying on using low cost, poor quality vitamins and supplements or from buying the wrong vitamins and supplements. As is often the case, by the time your body has broken down the vitamins or supplements, you may only be absorbing about 40% of what you have actually taken. People are not only doing their body a disservice, but also wasting a lot of money at the same time. Commit to nourish your body with the correct vitamins and to acquire the necessary knowledge to know what you are taking and for what purpose. This is where our expertise and commitment to your overall health can benefit our customers.”

Your Personal Training Knowledge Team
“At believeRX, we are committed to our customers by offering them a diverse and well-rounded level of expertise not commonly found in most retail pharmacy settings,” said Gabriella. “believeRX founder, Ellen Phillips, has not only been a PharmD since 1998, but has had experience in both retail and hospital settings. She has been in management for most of her career and won The Pharmacist’s Excellence Award in 2016. She has also become a Person Health Coach and Brain Health Coach so she could help her patients fuel their best self.”

Gabriella Bowers, believeRX co-owner, has been a Board Certified Pharmacy Assistant for more than 12 years and is also a Personal Health Coach and Professional Group Fitness Instructor. She strongly believes being a Health Coach and Group Fitness Instructor go hand in hand. Being a Health Coach gives her the opportunity to empower people to make life-altering behavioral changes that will improve their health and well-being. This allows Gabriella to partner with her clients to build a relationship based on confidence and trust and to help them achieve their personal health and wellness goals. Today physical inactivity is a major risk factor of chronic diseases and contributor to premature mortality. At believeRX, they help their customers to take on this challenge as they take on the roles of resource provider, motivator, and partner in the effort to get more people physically active.

More than today’s typical, generic pharmacy, believeRX offers you the opportunity to truly engage their extensive expertise and resources to discover not only your personal path to a healthier lifestyle and greater longevity, but also to discover your life’s full potential.

9627 Countryside Center Lane
Knoxville, TN 37931