After downsizing to a maintenance-free condo in late 2021, Knoxville resident Vickie Lawson knew that it was time to renovate the bathroom showers. With her husband’s health issues and a combination bathtub/shower in both bathrooms, a low threshold shower was a high priority.

“We wanted to make our home as easy to navigate and access as possible,” Vickie recalled. “Entering and exiting an older age tub can be extremely hazardous, so we started to research the available options for updating to a walk-in shower.”

The process led them to get an estimate from Knox Showers.

Knox Showers’ unique solid-surface materials come in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing a custom shower with new fixtures, niches, glass panel, and doors – at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction. Not only are their showers incredibly easy to clean, they are also mold and mildew resistant. And with added shower safety features like built-in seats and grab bars, the showers can be optimized for now and the future.

“Their estimator was so professional and not pushy or aggressive in any way,” Vickie explained. “His knowledge of their products, the timeframe from ‘order to finish,’ and the overall price was what led us to choose Knox Showers for the job. I never felt rushed while considering samples, and they were great at helping me decide which shower system would blend the best with the existing elements in the bathroom that would not be changing.”

The Lawsons decided to have Knox Showers update and install both bathroom showers, so timing was important in order to have a working shower in the home. The couple was notified when the order for the unit was placed, along with a timeline for expected delivery.

“I am thinking it was around three days,” Vickie said happily. “And with back-to-back shower installations in a condo built in 2008, they did run into some plumbing issues and had to drill more concrete than expected. Everything was done cleanly with no construction debris ever left for us to have to deal with.”

Knox Showers impressed the Lawsons even more by using their time wisely to do the finishing touches on the first shower installation while the second shower was being set.

Vickie explained that she is not a “patient customer” when businesses overbook by selling jobs that they cannot complete in a timely manner. “Knox Showers did what they said they would do. We got what we paid for and the quality we were expecting – we consider ourselves happy customers! I highly recommend Knox Showers, and if potential customers do their homework, they will find they are the most reasonable and most reliable.”

If you have been putting off updating a full bathroom due to inconvenience and cost, Knox Showers is your perfect resource, offering affordable, great-looking solutions – installed in days, not weeks.

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