Fear of any medical procedure, including dental procedures, is not uncommon. As Beth learned, communicating your concerns to your medical provider can help you overcome your anxiety.

EK: Beth, share with us your fear of going to the dentist.

Beth: I had a horrible and intense fear of going to the dentist because of awful experiences from previous dental work. That was before I learned of Farragut Dental Studio from Everything Knoxville magazine. Their entire team was extremely gentle, patient, sweet, and tender in helping me feel safe during every step of the process and at each visit. “Amazing” doesn’t even begin to describe how wonderful they are. They compassionately worked with me through tears and shakes to make me feel relaxed during my first visit, and each visit got easier because I could trust them to listen to me and put my comfort above just getting the job done.

EK: You mentioned that the setting itself was helpful in overcoming your apprehension. How so?

Beth: The atmosphere and environment of the dental studio is beyond comparison. They greet you with a warm compassion that makes you feel special and genuinely cared for. The dental process uses the most modern, high-tech instruments that make the whole experience so much better than you can imagine. It’s the only time taking x-rays have not hurt or made me gag. Also, there’s a flat screen monitor above that enables you to watch a show or movie while they work on your teeth. It’s a wonderful distraction that takes your mind off what’s going on. When you arrive for your appointment, they’re ready for you. No long waits when you’re there; it’s all about you.

EK: Would you recommend Farragut Dental Studio to others?

Beth: Absolutely! Dr. Vyas and his team are a blessing, especially if you have a fear or are just plain petrified of going to the dentist like I was. They will help you overcome your fears and provide you with a beautiful smile in a wonderful setting. They pay close attention to detail and describe your procedure to you in a way that is precise and clear and not just technical dental language. Also, they make sure that you always feel in control of what’s going on.

EK: In closing, is there anything else you would like to add?

Beth: Mere words don’t accurately describe my Farragut Dental Studio experience. I’m so grateful to have found them, because going to the dentist was like a living nightmare, and I needed a lot of work done. The results were incredible and literally brought tears to my eyes. If a dental practice could win a Nobel prize, they deserve it and would win it, hands down. Thanks to Dr. Vyas and his entire team. You have no idea how much your care and concern mean. I can get back to living life again. No more hiding!

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