Most business owners launch websites so that potential customers can easily find them and explore the products and services they offer. Some even have stores for online purchases. But when it comes to actually making your website work to automate workflow and provide long-term business success, most fall short.

Art DeVaughn from Web Services, a locally owned and operated software development firm with more than 20 years experience, says, “Most businesses are missing vital functionality when it comes to interacting with their customers. Businesses that want to keep up with their competition should be thinking of modernization and automation. Everything from account management, to invoices/payments, to support can be brought online and organized into the workflow of their business website.”

A great example is Washington State Coaches Association. This non-profit started with a website and a registration form PDF that needed to be printed, filled out, and mailed in with a check. With less than 100 subscribers after the initial launch, they knew the key to growth was bringing everything online. After exploring WSCA’s current system and goals, Art and his team at Web Services provided a road map to success, and today WSCA has more than 6,000 paying subscribers.

WSCA started with bringing their registration online for both individuals and groups. Built-in payment processing, including paying by invoice, has saved them countless hours spent manually charging cards and depositing checks. All subscribers now receive their membership cards, used for access to sporting events and other services, directly within their very own portal, saving thousands of dollars annually for paper and postage. In addition to downloadable membership cards, the member portal allows subscribers to manage their account, print receipts, and interact with new content.

An administration dashboard was also built to help WSCA manage member accounts, provide support, and send dedicated marketing emails and texts to those who desire to receive sport-related news and event information.

Overall operational costs have decreased, memberships have exploded, and member engagement is only getting better.

“To become truly successful, businesses should think about how their website can work for them by setting business workflow integration goals,” said Art.

Web Services provides complex web programming for all types of businesses both locally and nationally. They’ve completed more than 250 projects and own and operate three SaaS (software subscription) services with more than 100,000 customers. Web Services is experienced, reliable, affordable, and offers support that is above and beyond.

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