Award-Winning Sauces and Rubs!

Full Boar BBQ was started by Jacob Lubbers and a group of his high school buddies trying to keep a local backyard BBQ competition alive in their native state of Indiana. They entered the competition on a whim with an old propane smoker, a kettle grill, and a lot of determination. The guys were amazed to place in most categories – winning 3rd place overall. They were absolutely and hopelessly hooked.

From there, Jacob and the rest of the crew got together as much as possible to compete and have been overachieving ever since. Along the way, they have found some tricks of the trade, taken home a lot of trophies, and created some pretty great sauces and seasonings of their own. What started as a few friends not wanting a tradition to die has turned into a brand name that is trusted everywhere it is known.

Now Full Boar BBQ strives to create a new tradition of spreading the BBQ that has brought them so much joy on to others. With pit masters and backyard chefs alike in mind, their goal is to spread the gift of delicious BBQ far and wide. Jason has since relocated to Knoxville and began sharing Full Boar BBQ sauces and rubs – tested, tried, and proven in competition – at local area stores. So now you too can take your classic recipes to another level and add the perfect flavor to any meal or event! Please see their ad for locations that carry their products.

Let’s tackle a traditional classic. Who doesn’t love pulled pork? With this method and these flavors, prepare to take this average cut of meat over the top. Many people make these, and everyone thinks theirs is the best – well, let’s make sure yours actually is. Follow the recipe to be a backyard BBQ superstar!

The Full Boar Grand Champion Pork Butt

by Jacob Lubbers


• 8-10 lb. pork butt

• Plain yellow mustard

• 1 12 oz. can of Sprite

• Roll of aluminum foil

• One deep foil pan big enough to fit the butt without it touching the sides

• 2-3 tablespoons Full Boar BBQ Garden, Barn, and River Rub*

• 2-3 tablespoons Full Boar BBQ Classic Campfire BBQ Rub*

• 2-3 tablespoons Full Boar BBQ Bonfire Sweet Heat Spicy BBQ Rub*

Full Boar BBQ 17th and Vine Kansas City BBQ Sauce* for serving

*Rubs and sauces can be substituted for your favorites, but if you try these, they will become your new favorites!


Preheat your smoker to 250º. While the smoker is warming up, prep your pork butt. Start by patting dry with paper towels, then add a light layer of plain yellow mustard. (You will not taste the mustard on the final product.)

Next, take the Full Boar BBQ Garden, Barn, and River Rub and apply a heavy layer. Follow with a 50/50 blend of the Full Boar BBQ Classic Campfire BBQ Rub and Full Boar BBQ Bonfire Sweet Heat Spicy BBQ Rub until well covered. Leave this side turned up for 10 minutes so the rub sets – look for a nice wet look to the rub, letting you know that you can turn it over without losing all your flavoring. Flip the butt and rub with mustard and a generous layer of the rubs.

Once the rubs are set, it is time to transfer to your pre-heated smoker. Plan to cook for an hour to an hour and 15 minutes per pound. You may need to add wood 3 hours in. It will take about 6 hours or when the temperature reaches 140-160º. But you are not necessarily waiting for a time or temp but a “look” – the meat will take on a nice dark mahogany. This is when it is time to wrap.

Using the foil pan, pour the Sprite into the bottom of the pan to fill about a quarter inch full. Place the butt, fat side down, into the pan, cover with foil tightly, and return to the smoker. If using a permanent temperature probe, place it into the meatiest portion and keep in the smoker until the temperature is 203-205º. Remove from the heat and sit at room temperature with the foil still on but loosened for 20-30 minutes.

After that short rest, shred the meat. I find it most effective to use rubber BBQ gloves to break it down, or use shredding claws or a couple of sturdy forks. If this is at all difficult to do, then your pork butt is not done. The most common mistake in pork is pulling a pork butt off too early! That is what happens when you cook to a temp instead of a “feel.” 

Once shredded, it is time to serve! My serving suggestion is just a classic bun along with your Full Boar BBQ 17th and Vine Kansas City BBQ Sauce. I also like to top the sandwich with a nice creamy coleslaw. (Find that recipe in my Mississippi Ribeye Sandwich recipe at ENJOY!!!