European Fine Hardwood Floors
Discover Old-World Craftsmanship

“During our recent home renovation, my husband and I were looking for someone to install new hardwood flooring, finished on-site, throughout two-thirds of our home,” said Suzanne Rudd.

After receiving other estimates, Suzanne and her husband found Valera and Svetlana Tomescu of European Fine Hardwood Floors.

“We were impressed with their highly rated reviews,” said Suzanne. “Upon meeting the Tomescus, we were further impressed with Valera’s extensive knowledge, patience with our many questions, and thorough explanations. Valera is Bona authorized and certified and uses only Bona products.

“We chose to do much of the demo ourselves and decided to stay in our home during the entire remodel. I believe this gave both my husband and me a unique position to observe the entire process, from prepping the subfloor to the final finish. Always on time and always maintaining contact with us, Valera is a true craftsman with remarkable attention to detail, working conscientiously to achieve the highest standard throughout the job. I’d honestly describe European Fine Hardwood Floors as flooring ‘artists.’ Their work ethic is impeccable and seemingly untiring. Even the placement of each piece of lumber was scrutinized and re-done if they weren’t satisfied with the overall look.

“Working at home during the day, I watched the amount of work that went into every phase. Just the volume of Bona products, from multiple grades of sandpapers to finishes, was mindboggling. I had no idea that much work could go into flooring. And it shows! From the bare wood to the final finish process, we were and remain in awe of the process and are now in awe of our gorgeous flooring. We could not have found anyone who would have done such a thorough, professional, and lovely job. Remarkably, European Fine Hardwood Floors was in line with our other estimates.

“We’d been told by the other installers we’d have quite a lot of dust; European Fine Hardwood Floors said we’d have none. Other subcontractors working in our home laughed a little and said ‘wait and see, there will be dust.’ There was no dust. There was no cleanup of dust. None. It was wonderful.

“My husband and I had an additional bonus by staying in our home throughout the flooring process: We found the Tomescus to be friendly, always upbeat, and very considerate. We look forward to seeing them again for my office floor. I’d strongly recommend European Fine Hardwood Floors.”

Whether you’re contemplating new hardwood floors or refinishing your home’s existing hardwood floors, discover the European Fine Hardwood Floors difference of old-world European craftsmanship for yourself.

European Fine Hardwood Floors