One would be hard pressed to find two people in East Tennessee more knowledgeable in cemetery monument cleaning than Austin and Ethan Kirkland. The two brothers started the aptly named business Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services last year, and since that time, the Kirklands have cleaned more than 100 monuments in the Knoxville area.

Austin noted that he and his brother clean these monuments with the same care they would for their own family, doing everything by hand with biodegradable products.

“When we do work for a customer, we’re not just cleaning a headstone,” said Austin. “That’s someone’s parent, grandparent, brother, sister, favorite aunt or uncle, childhood friend, or loved one they lost years ago, and we’re going to make their monument look as good as we possibly can.”

Nancy Watkin is a customer who hired Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services to clean several of her husband’s family’s markers and monument after finding his family plot in disarray.

“My husband was so heartbroken to see the sad condition of the family monument and seven flat markers,” said Nancy. “They were so black and dirty that the names and dates were impossible to read.”

Nancy’s husband was so distraught by their condition that he wanted to clean them himself but soon realized that they didn’t have the necessary equipment, time, or expertise.

Nancy reached out to the cemetery managers, and they referred her to Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services. The Kirklands cleaned the Watkins’ family plot within a couple of days.

Nancy said of their service, “If you want a company that takes extreme pride in a job well done, communicates clearly, and does what they say for a reasonable price in a timely manner, please use Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services.” Nancy said that, from now on, she is referring to the Kirklands as her “Monument Angels.”

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Cemetery Monument Cleaning Services