By Dr. Allan J. Sarrat

Are you or a loved one suffering unnecessarily from pain or a chronic health condition? Have you been told that there are no other options or that there is no hope? We would like to introduce you to a possible solution. Now there is a clinic in West Knoxville that specializes in treating difficult cases like these. Our doctors have more than 20 years experience treating conditions like peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome / RSD, infertility, macular degeneration, and just about any pain condition you can imagine. They have worked in hospitals, pain clinics, and integrative medicine centers diagnosing and treating patients who thought there was nothing left to try. When medications, surgeries, and injections haven’t helped, don’t give up hope.

Call our professionals to schedule a consultation today. We are often the last resort with the best results.

Just see what some of our patients have said:

“My pain is minimal now, my strength is returning, and the neuropathy is virtually non-existent.”

~ Carolyn T.

“I had little to no feeling in my leg due to my MS. I have more feeling in that leg!”

~ Vanessa G.

“Awesome experience from beginning to end.”

~ Charles N.

“They can fix almost any pain issue or even swelling in your joints from arthritis.”

~ Missy S.

“I am almost completely pain free, have more energy, yet also more relaxed.”

~ Bette L.

“I have tried physical therapy and all the pills in the world, but this place makes me feel so much better.”

~ Ari W.

“Highly recommend! Not only were they professional, but they explained to me the source of pain and how to help it not to return.”

~ Amber B.

Call today to schedule your consultation with our highly qualified doctors. Don’t live another day with unnecessary pain.

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