Design – Build – Enjoy

Cabry Design has been designing and remodeling kitchens in the Knoxville area for more than 17 years. Whether they are providing cabinetry and know-how for a homeowner that is already using a local interior designer (inset, read Cheryl’s story) or acting as a complete Design-Build company, Cabry Design is able to help make dream kitchens a reality. From their complimentary design consultation through the stunning end result, Todd Thomas and his team at Cabry Design strive to create a functional, well-organized space to enhance their clients’ every day lives. Everything Knoxville spoke to Todd about his business outlook and the holistic approach that encompasses every Cabry project.

EK: What can potential clients expect at your initial design consultation?

Todd: We typically meet with a client in our studio or their home, listen to what their goals are for the space, and talk over some preliminary ideas and budget. We really try to envision the clients’ end result and to make sure we are the right fit for each other. A good working relationship is a must to make everything go smoothly. If it looks like a great fit, we move ahead with a Design and Planning Agreement to get their project on our schedule.

EK: And then? 

Todd: Our process revolves around the client. We take a team approach to helping our clients create the space they want and envision. Think of it as a story with a Hero and a Guide. We like to make the client the Hero of their project, with our team acting as the Guides. We feel this gives us a different perspective than most firms in town.

So first and foremost, we listen to your wants and needs for your specific space. With four interior designers on staff, we are able to help our clients make choices on everything from tile and flooring to paint colors.

Each project and each client is different. We bring our design perspective, experience, ideas, and knowledge, but we are careful not to impose a “style.” We strive to create individual answers every time that are custom-tailored to each client while respecting their budget and personal preferences. Our Design Team then works closely with our Construction Team to evaluate construction costs and coordinate all aspects of the project installation, including lighting and hardware.

EK: There are so many products to choose from when remodeling. How does Cabry make that easier? 

Todd: We have already done the research and currently carry four lines of distinctive, well-made American cabinetry. Cabry Design has made sure to carry lines that will work with most anyone’s budget. We are also able to offer tile from three of the largest local tile distributors, plumbing fixtures from Kraus and Dakota Plumbing, eight different cabinet hardware lines, Jura coffee systems, and LED lighting.

Our custom designs are what make the difference to create a show-stopping space that you will want to share with all of your friends and family.

EK: What are the best reasons to choose the Cabry Design Team?

Todd: Cabry’s Design-Build is a method of project delivery in which one entity – the Cabry Team – works to provide complete design and construction services, allowing us to be by our clients’ side from the start to the finish of the entire remodel. We provide comprehensive plans that act as a “roadmap” for our construction and install teams to ensure that your dream kitchen or bathroom becomes a reality – whether we are working directly with the homeowner or with an interior designer outside of our company.

By offering all of these services in one place, it takes the stress off of the homeowner – no more having to find their own capable designer, source cabinetry, employ a contractor, or making the (literally) hundreds of selections and decisions that are involved in a kitchen renovation. This process also minimizes the surprises and miscommunication throughout the course of the project because we, as a team, are solely focused on that one client and that one project as a whole.

Each member of the Cabry Design Team – from the designers to the installers – knows that their role is essential, and they take that responsibility seriously for each and every client. We strive to be the best at what we do and welcome your call to take the first step in making your dream space into a reality.

Cabry Design
8705 Unicorn Drive, Suite 114
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Cheryl’s Clean and Simple (But Not Basic!) Dream Kitchen

These photos are from a recent Cabry Design cabinetry project for homeowner, Cheryl, who worked with a local interior designer on the design. Cheryl shares her experience:

“We purchased our home about two years ago and always knew that we would need to remodel the kitchen, as it wasn’t our style or taste in color. We started exploring our options for the kitchen renovation, starting with the possibility of simply painting the original cabinets and then updating the countertops and backsplash like we had done at our previous home before we put it on the market. After our family lived in the space and used the kitchen for several months, it became apparent that we also needed to upgrade the cabinets in order to have the kitchen match the ‘level’ and functionality of the rest of our home.

We envisioned a kitchen and living area where all of our family and friends could gather to mingle and hang out. As a family of six, including four kids ages 9-14, we needed a space where the kids and their friends would be welcomed by a simple, clean, functional kitchen. We began our lengthy design process and looked at three different cabinet companies. The moment I walked into Cabry Design – without even talking finances! – I knew we would go with this company. In my personal experience, they were so welcoming every time I walked into the studio.

After speaking with Cabry Design and hearing all the cabinetry upgrades and options they had to offer, we committed to working with them on our project. We love our lighted walnut interior cabinets and drawer boxes. An all-time favorite of the whole family (and the best investment!) would be the nugget ice maker.

When the Installation Team came to install the cabinetry, they went above and beyond to make everything absolutely perfect. They were always on time and cleaned up behind themselves throughout the process. When a few issues came up, they immediately addressed it, informed me along the way, and always ended with ‘We have already taken care of it though.’

We continue to be happy with our decision of going with Cabry Design cabinetry for our kitchen remodel. Working with them was a great experience! They gave us the kitchen we have always wanted in a way we could have never asked for – our dream kitchen! We are excited to begin the process again with Todd and the Cabry Design Team to create a basement kitchen design also.”