Deep Cleaning and Fogging for Health… and Peace of Mind

By Christina Fitzwilliam, Co-Owner of Surface Doc

Normally during this time of year, we at Surface Doc are patiently waiting for the rain to stop so we can get busy spring cleaning.  In addition to this year’s excessive rainfall, we are also facing a new, unwanted containment… the human coronavirus. Following all expert advice, prevention begins in the home. Washing hands, face, and contact surfaces greatly reduces the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

You probably know that our specialty is deep cleaning and sanitation services for your carpets and hard surfaces for both home and office. We love to clean, and eliminating germs is one of the reasons we are the best in the business. So, in lieu of the coronavirus epidemic, we want to do our best to help you, the homeowner, however we can. Our fogging technique virtually eliminates germs from colds, flu, staph, MRSA, and the human coronavirus.  “Whole room disinfection enables difficult-to-reach places to be thoroughly disinfected,” explained Dr. Karen Middleton of Campden BRI.

For a limited time, Surface Doc will offer a fogging sanitation service for all contact surfaces for both commercial and residential owners. Surface Doc has adopted the same methods being used by every major airline and government run transportation service for combating against the coronavirus. Using a fogger and an aggressive FDA recognized quaternary disinfectant, Surface Doc will fog all contact surfaces in your home, business, or vehicle.  If you are looking for peace of mind, this service is a great start.  Let us help get your home or business essentially germ free, thus giving you the best chance of staying healthy.

For more information, please visit our website at to learn about all our services. We also have provided links to official sites containing the most up-to-date information on the human coronavirus.

If you are like me and your spring cleaning “to do” list has you more stressed out than the coronavirus, we are ready to help. We do it all, inside and out! Concrete and paver driveways, walkways, wood decks, stone patios, tile kitchens, bathrooms, showers, stone countertops, not to mention soft-washing roofs and sidings are all areas we specialize in.  The sun is out, the rain has gone, it’s time to live again.  Life is better lived clean.

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