6 Things You Should Know About Home Security Systems

There are many considerations when installing a home security system, including the benefits of the latest home convenience features now offered. In our 40 years of serving East Tennessee families, here are just a few of the reasons why homeowners choose Fleenor Security Systems to protect their homes and loved ones.

1. Protect valuables

Protecting valuables, of course, is the benefit most people immediately think of regarding home security. We likely all know someone who has lost electronics, jewelry, or other high-value items due to a home invasion. The tragedy can intensify if the stolen valuable is an irreplaceable family heirloom. While using a safe can help protect irreplaceable items, a home security system has an alarm that can scare off many would-be burglars – before they are inside – and notify the local authorities if someone does attempt a break-in.

2. Deter crime

2009 study by Rutgers found that as the number of home security systems increased in an area, the number of residential robberies decreases – even for people who did not own a security system. Having a security system not only protects you; it also helps deter crime and create a safer neighborhood for everyone.

3. Allow remote access to your home

Modern security systems now allow you to remotely monitor your home from your phone when you’re not there. You can monitor security cameras installed throughout your home, control smart thermostatssmart keyless door lockssmart lighting, and other smart devices in every room of your home.

4. Lower homeowner insurance premiums

Having a monitored system in your home can lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums. These savings, combined with instant access to police and emergency responders, makes a security system a great value.

5. Notification of fire alarm or gas leak

You can opt-in to receive notifications if your smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors go off when you’re away from home. You can even set up the system to notify authorities in the event of these emergencies.

6. Provide peace of mind

The sense of security and comfort you gain with an alarm system is perhaps the most prominent benefit of all. Next to being protected, the confidence of feeling safe will help you be a more productive, healthy, and focused person.

Adding a security system to your home gives you an extra layer of defense against any potential intruders. Whether you rent or own, you can enjoy the benefits that come with having a security system. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with a professional at Fleenor Security to see how a security system can better protect your valuables and loved ones.

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