Your Ultimate Entertainment Space: The Garage!

By Carrie McConkey,

As warmer spring weather arrives in East Tennessee, a safe and effortless location for parties of all kinds lies right at your own back door: Your garage. And with exciting new options available for garage décor and storage, after the shindig you may even forget to go back into the house!

Time to Celebrate
The reasons for gatherings are only limited to your imagination: Children’s birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, or watch parties for sports events like the Masters golf tournament or the Kentucky Derby. Pick a theme, or gather family and friends in this hassle-free location “just because.”

Party Prepping
Transforming your garage into a hospitable space yields benefits that you’ll enjoy long after the event. Attractive, stain-resistant Polyaspartic epoxy flooring is easy to clean pre- and post-party. Melamine or powder-coated cabinets hide clutter, and slatwall with hooks and bins allows everything to be hung up neatly and off the floor.

Double Duty Décor
Plan your garage storage renovations and accessories to be post-party practical. Install countertops with electrical strips to plug in crock pots, sound systems, and accent lamps. Add a refrigerator to hold drinks, and mount a bottle opener for easy access. Potted plants and flowers placed around the garage door add color and inviting warmth.

Sprucing up your garage for a soirée guarantees a fun time, as well as upgrades that will be useful for years to come. Stop by Knoxville’s own Designer Garages showroom, and let the party planning begin!

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