Providing the Highest Quality Water for Your Home and Office for 15 Years

“I first learned about Aqua Clear Water Systems at a home show years ago,” said Greg Stowell, co-owner of Knoxville-based Clinton Glass Company. “We weren’t happy with our water quality and had Aqua Clear Water Systems install a new system from Kinetico in our home.  The change was incredible!  The water tasted better, and we used far less soap for washing laundry and dishes!

“We also discovered that Aqua Clear Water Systems could benefit us at Clinton Glass Company, where we recently installed new, state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment used in the fabrication of our heavy, frameless glass tub and shower enclosures.”

Clinton Glass is East Tennessee’s leading fabricator and installer of heavy, high-quality, frameless shower glass. In business since 1957, Clinton Glass Company has earned a reputation for outstanding quality and service designed to exceed the expectations of their customers and has installed more than 10,000 custom showers.

“To ensure the quality of our custom glass showers, we carefully consider every step in our fabrication process,” said Greg. “This is where Aqua Clear Water Systems made their contribution. We utilize a high pressure water jet to cut our shower door notches. Untreated water was not allowing the equipment to run properly.  We brought in Aqua Clear Water Systems to help overcome this problem. They were able to install a system that eliminated these impurities. The bottom line is that there are no more problems with our expensive fabricating equipment.

“I would highly recommend Aqua Clear Water Systems.  The difference in your home will be noticed right away. And if you have commercial needs, they can take care of you as well.”

To learn how Aqua Clear Water Systems can help you at your home or at your office, call them today at 865-225-6555 or visit them online at

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