Shining the Light on Your Home’s Exterior

By Heath Myrick, Owner of Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Knoxville

Beautifully designed and landscaped, you take great pride in your family’s home. But if you really want to showcase your property, I encourage you to discover how exterior home and landscape lighting can completely transform your outdoor living space.

A full-service lighting, design, and installation company, Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting can provide an entirely new perspective on your home’s exterior that you otherwise may not have known existed. Evening hours offer an opportunity to showcase your home’s unique architecture and landscaping in ways you never imagined. The right lighting design can provide a totally unique perspective that simply doesn’t exist during daylight hours.

Our lighting specialists are some of the best trained lighting designers in the industry today. Their expertise enables them to work with you to design that custom, tailored look to showcase your home’s unique architectural and landscape design features. Our installation team will install your exterior lighting to the highest industry standards, leaving the installation site meticulously clean, as though we were never there. All we leave behind is a skillfully designed and installed lighting system that will surround your home and adjacent landscaping with the warm glow of elegance.

At Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting, our professionally trained staff will provide you with a free demonstration, a distinctive design, and top-notch installation. Upon completion, your satisfaction is guaranteed by a final walk through and fine tuning of your newly installed lighting system. Finally, every installation is backed with our one year, no-cost service plan, as well as optimal extended service agreements.

With an industry leader in landscape lighting located in Knoxville, why not let the professionals at Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting show you just how affordable exterior illumination can be and just how great your home can look after sunset? Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting: Shining the light on your home’s unique architecture and landscaping.

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