Are Keratin Treatments Beneficial?

By Jordan Bivens Grubb

Our hair is made of keratin, which often becomes deficient as we age, by exposure to environmental factors, or by styling.  Keratin, which is rich in amino acids, strengthens our hair and makes it more elastic.  The deficiency of keratin results in hair that has a frizzy appearance and a noticeable loss of sheen.While nothing can heal damaged hair, a keratin treatment can help you manage the damage to your hair while your natural hair gradually returns.  Keratin treatments help replenish your hair’s natural keratin protein, making your hair color appear more natural. Suitable for all hair types, a keratin treatment will give you smooth, healthier hair that can be styled any way you prefer.  It reduces frizz and unwanted volume for better manageability.  Also, it can be used over any chemical service.During a keratin treatment, your hair is first shampooed and then blow dried to remove all moisture.  The keratin complex is then applied to your hair and allowed to remain for approximately 20 minutes.  The treatment is completed with the application of heat from a blow dryer and flat iron, which locks in the treatment.  Your treatment should last approximately three months.  All that you are left with is smooth, natural looking hair and a beautiful luster.  Your hair is strengthened and nourished as nature had intended.If you would like to learn more about keratin treatments and how they may benefit you and your hair, I invite you to call me today.  You, too, can have beautiful, natural looking hair.

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