And the Winner of the Best Piece of Fitness Equipment is…

By Richard Dowdy, Owner of Fitness Solutions

I love the fitness industry. It has brought me good health, enjoyable employment, and a great wife!

I started out working the register at the old Sports Unlimited store back in the early ’90s and eventually found my way to the local gym providing personal training. I then started selling fitness equipment part-time, and today my wife – who I also met at the gym – and I have been in business for 23 years owning and operating our own fitness equipment store here in West Knoxville.

One of the most frequent questions I get is, “What’s the best piece of fitness equipment?” I love it when I get asked this one! My response is invariably, “The one you will use!”

For years, people have told us story after story about buying something online or at a big box store and after getting it home, it just didn’t work out. (No pun intended!) I encourage our customers to think not only in regard to their current fitness needs, but also long term. We want them to get the most return on their investment by finding equipment they will enjoy using for years to come.

Many people have seen an exercise product flash across the screen that looked really great but after getting it home are disappointed because the equipment is uncomfortable and awkward to use. We always recommend that our customers try out various types of machines and brands of ellipticals, treadmills, home gyms, and bikes to find the best fit for them and their family. Often, customers purchase equipment that is completely different from what they had initially thought they wanted!

So the next time you are wondering what the best piece of fitness equipment is, remember, it is the one you are most likely to use now and in the future.

Come by anytime to see our high-quality equipment and to discuss your personal fitness goals. We are sure that we have the best piece of equipment just for you!

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