Cabry Design & Cabinetry has been designing and remodeling kitchens in the Knoxville area for more than 18 years. They are a Design-Build firm that promises to listen to you, offer a good value for the money, and they guarantee that you will enjoy working with them – wow! We’ve all known someone – a friend, friend-of-a-friend, or family member – who had a less-than-stellar remodeling experience. Choosing a Design-Build firm might have solved some of those dilemmas before they even had a chance to start. Everything Knoxville talked to Cabry Design founder, Todd Thomas, and one of his most recent clients, Kim Schumpert, whose lovely kitchen is the photo subject for this feature, about the entire process.

EK: We know that kitchen renovation projects take a lot more time than is alluded to on a one hour television program. What are the first steps?

Todd: We feel that being a Design-Build firm is the best method to manage a complex project. Kitchen renovations involve many parts and pieces, from design and layout, to appliances and storage, to installation. By offering all of these services in one place, we are able to take the stress off of the homeowner who would otherwise need to find their own capable designer, source cabinetry, employ a contractor, and make the hundreds of selections and decisions that are involved in a kitchen renovation.

Kim: After living in my home for 10 years, I wanted a kitchen renovation that was more reflective of my personal style… more modern with clean lines. I entertain often and wanted an island that created a space for gatherings. I knew that I wanted to eliminate the pantry closet while still having maximum storage space but wasn’t quite sure how to make all that happen. After a frustrating experience with another cabinet company, I started searching online for other options. Cabry Design came up, so I did further research and saw their multiple reviews, which were very positive. I knew I needed a trustworthy company that would put my ideas first, so I gave them a call. After meeting their team and taking a tour of their facilities, I knew they were the answer. I felt confident in their experience and know-how. I wasn’t just another kitchen job. I was Kim’s Dream Kitchen!

EK: There is so much planning and many options to consider when doing a kitchen remodel. How is Cabry Design & Cabinetry able to best help in making the right choices?

Todd: We do this by listening to our clients’ wants, needs, favorite appliances, storage preferences, and so on. After that, we are able to create a design concept followed with 3D design options. With each project, we bring our design perspective, experience, ideas, and knowledge, but we are careful not impose a “style.” We create individual answers every time that are custom tailored to each client while respecting their budget and personal preferences.

Kim: I had Pinterest boards, many ideas, and required lots of communication. The Cabry Team consistently responded with follow-up questions and ideas to help me achieve the dream kitchen I had in mind. In addition, I was provided ideas and boards on anything I asked about… lighting, décor, and seating.

Todd: By making it a priority to stay up to date with design trends, appliances, and organizational hacks, we can recommend quality materials that best fit your space, style, and budget – always keeping in mind that your new kitchen should complement the architectural style of your home. Our Design Team assists with materials, products, and color choices to ensure a cohesive, finished look. Shopping for beautiful materials, products, and colors for your remodel or new build can be both exciting and overwhelming. We work with the homeowner to provide complete design and construction services. This allowed us to be by Kim’s side from start to finish of the entire remodel.

EK: Kim, you and Cabry Design obviously made an outstanding team – the end results are certainly a beautiful kitchen! What do you feel sets them apart here in Knoxville? 

Kim: In today’s world, timelines for these renovation projects can be challenging. Cabry Design did a great job communicating any delays or adjustments to the remodel process. It was a full-service experience with kitchen design and installation. Cabry’s installation team was exceptional in every little detail and in making any adjustments needed as I started to live in the space. The kitchen is the heart of every home, and we love the space that Cabry helped us achieve!

Todd: We strive to be the best at what we do. We feel that what sets us apart is not only the level of design, but the attention to ALL of the details necessary to ensure your dream kitchen comes true. Closely behind the designers is a dedicated, well-honed team who is personally involved in the management and execution of each project. Every member of the Cabry Design team – from the designers to the installers – knows that their role is essential, and they take that responsibility seriously for each and every client. Our individualized designs are what make the difference that create a show-stopping space that you will want to share with all of your friends and family.

Ready to Plan Your Dream Kitchen?
We take the often overwhelming and make it manageable. It’s the Cabry difference!
• Kitchen design and layout options to consider with our degreed interior and kitchen designers.
• Complete measuring and evaluation to include structural conditions and utility locations.
• Cohesive design assurance with assistance in selecting tile, countertops, lighting, fixtures, flooring, and paint colors. We help your vision become an even better reality.
• Extensive cabinetry options – painted, stained, modern, traditional – and all American made!
• In-house project management and construction services. Our team takes on the responsibility, giving you peace of mind.

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