Dog daycare isn’t just fun and games! It’s a great place for dogs to learn positive behavior, get out their energy, and learn how to be in a new environment with new people and other dogs, ultimately reducing separation anxiety. Dogtopia was designed with dogs’ wants and needs in mind, and our caring team will make sure your dog always has the “Most Exciting Day Ever” while in our care. The benefits of regular attendance can improve your dog’s quality of life (and yours, too!).

Improves socialization – All dogs must successfully pass a Meet & Greet evaluation to make sure they are comfortable in our open-play environment and up to date on vaccinations. Even if you have a shy dog, regular daycare can bring them out of their shell to become more comfortable around new dogs and people.

Introduces new environments – Regular attendance helps dogs find the confidence to be comfortable in new environments. Dogs are like children – with a little time and patience, they’ll realize being away from mom or dad at daycare is really fun!

Provides a safe place to play – Canine Coaches undergo extensive training in dog body language, safe play, and positive reinforcement to prepare for the variety of playroom situations and are always there to supervise. Our rubberized flooring is designed to keep dogs safe while allowing them to play the day away!

Reduces anxiety – When you leave home, dogs should understand that you will return without the concern of being left behind. Dogtopia daycare is a great way for your pup to learn that spending time away from mom or dad isn’t so bad.

Play in any weather – Dogtopia is a great way to maintain your dog’s exercise regardless of sun, rain, or even snow! With temperature-controlled playrooms, dogs will always feel comfortable.

A home away from home – Dogs can sometimes be anxious when spending time in a new place, especially away from their parents. When your dog attends daycare regularly, they’ll associate time spent at Dogtopia as fun and exciting. Whether your dog is spending the day or a longer duration while you’re on vacation, Dogtopia can become their home away from home.

Do you think your dog would enjoy daycare at Dogtopia? Contact us for more information, we’d love to hear from you!

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