Whether you wanting to boost your home’s value or give an out-of-date kitchen a refresh, there’s a new, innovative, and eco-friendly trend in home renovations thanks to Spray-Net. Knoxville residents and Spray-Net franchisees, Alfonso and Jacquelinne Cruz, are offering residents a smarter and environmentally conscious way to update the look of their kitchens and exteriors, with all work and factory-finish results covered by Spray-Net’s 15-year warranty on peeling, which is transferable – a value-added feature for anyone considering selling their home in the near future.

Spray-Net’s exterior home painting innovation was designed to weather extreme cold and heat. Alfonso and his team use Spray-Net’s proprietary software to adapt the paint formulation to each type of exterior surface such as brick, stucco, vinyl, aluminum siding, doors, and windows. The same process is followed for existing cabinetry in kitchens and bathroom vanities including laminate, melamine, thermofoil/plastic, and solid wood, resulting in a long-lasting factory finish every time.

This custom formulation ensures that the coating is flexible enough to avoid cracking, hard enough to avoid chipping, smooth enough to easily wash, and tough enough to block stains. This sets Spray-Net apart from other cabinet-painting services or DIY enthusiasts who apply the same standard paint formula used on a wide variety of materials and surfaces, which typically results in a streaky finish that won’t withstand everyday use long term.

Comparably, the cost of Spray-Net’s kitchen cabinet, exterior painting, and refinishing service is a fraction of the price of a brand new kitchen or a new home exterior and saves perfectly good material from entering a landfill.

Alfonso and his crew are gearing up for a successful season. “I am a proud homeowner myself and the way we can have people fall in love with their home and kitchen again for a fraction of the cost is why people choose Spray-Net and why I chose to be a part of it,” he said.

Together, Spray-Net’s innovation and Alfonso’s passion make these painting solutions a formula you can rely on.

Spray-Net Knoxville