CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee

Every Project Begins and Ends with Customer Service

It is widely known that there is not a faster or more cost-effective way to update your interior and exterior surfaces than painting, and CertaPro Painters are the ones to call. With more than 17 years in Knoxville, an unblemished 2020 Better Business Bureau record, consistent paint crews – some painters have been with CertaPro for more than 10 years! – and reliable customer service, why go anywhere else?

After visiting CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee offices, one thing became very clear – the CertaPro team genuinely enjoy their jobs. Each feels they have an important contribution to make in the customer service chain. From initial client contact through the “Pride Walk” at the completion of every project, each employee is confident that CertaPro Painters is the best choice for all your painting needs.

Everything Knoxville spoke with president, Devin Taylor, and his team at CertaPro to find out what makes them stand out against their competition.

EK: What do you offer that other painting contractors might not?

Devin: We focus on our level of service and the experience our customers receive. There are many painters out there, but few are easy to do business with. We want to make our customers’ experience easy and hassle free. We do that by implementing processes for everything we do. This allows us to provide a consistent experience from project to project.

Andy Barton, Director of Residential Operations, along with Matt Riley, Director of Residential Sales, and Victoria Conover, Scheduling Coordinator, elaborate on this especially important issue.

Andy: I think it’s the overall attention to each job, regardless of how large or small it is. We say that we paint lives, not houses, and we work very hard to deliver on that to each and every homeowner we have the opportunity to work with. We put great emphasis on remembering that we are working on or in the largest investment most people will ever make. It’s not just caring about the paint we put on the walls, it’s valuing the emotions and memories our clients associate with their homes. 

Matt: It’s definitely our genuine concern for our customers’ needs. I really try to take the time to listen to customers, not just be an order taker, and present solutions that fit within their desired outcomes and budget.

Victoria: I interact with all of our Job Site Supervisors on a daily basis. These are some great, reliable guys that take so much pride in their work – many of them have been with us for years. There is a consistency of character that not all businesses can claim.

EK: What are some of the biggest benefits of choosing CertaPro?

Devin: The certainty of a job well done. At CertaPro, we have processes in place to ensure things go smoothly, and if for any reason we hit a road bump, we have management in place to address any concerns.

Carl Lemmon, CertaPro’s Residential Service Manager, and Kimble Manuel and Jacob Thurber, two of the residential sales associates, add:

Carl: Quality and service. Our painters and carpenters take extreme pride and ownership in their work. Our office team will always be there to answer your questions and guide you to the best decision possible. You will never be guessing on prices, what’s going on with your project, or when it will be done.

Kimble: As a reliable, trustworthy contractor, we know it is nerve-racking inviting people into your home, but you can trust CertaPro from beginning to end to get the job done right. We have been locally owned for 18 years and make sure that your project goes according to plan.

Jacob: We are the most referred company in Knoxville, and that speaks a lot to what we are providing our customers! Because we deliver exceptional experiences, people want to tell their family, friends, and coworkers. With multiple levels of management on each project, we fulfill our promises, and I think that means a lot to the Knoxville community.

EK: What do you like best about working at CertaPro?

Carl: I have an awesome team to support me in my role and really like helping people transform one of the most personal things in their life to something they have always wanted or dreamed of. It is a great feeling to be a part of that transformation and to bring happiness to someone through painting.

Matt: I love working with people. I get to meet 3-4 new families each day, learning about their lifestyles, work and what makes them go. Being able to help them accomplish a project, care-free, in their busy lives, just keeps me motivated daily.

Andy: This job is great because of the people. I have the opportunity to meet and get to know several hundred people each year. It is incredibly rewarding when we deliver on the promises made to every homeowner and to experience, with them, the joy of having a freshly painted and beautiful house. Our guys are great too, not just as painters, but as people. Most of them have been with us for several years, so we have been able to really get to know them and even their families. We believe in fostering a family atmosphere, and I love being a part of that.

Harry Puckett, Residential Service Manager, and Jim Mazrimas, Residential Sales Associate, also answered.

Harry: There is an obvious “family” environment here. Everyone that works at CertaPro understands that teamwork is essential to getting projects completed. There is a real sense of pride in doing their jobs well that I appreciate.

Jim: CertaPro presents an opportunity for me to help a homeowner protect and beautify the largest single investment that they will likely own. Whether a small condo or a large home, we are there to help them customize their living spaces to their desires. We do not think of ourselves as salesmen as much as we think of ourselves as consultants and problem solvers.

EK: What personal business philosophy do you stand by?

Kimble: It’s simple – I always try to put myself in the other person’s shoes. This really helps bridge any gaps with understanding.

Jim: The philosophy I bring to every estimate is to serve as a consultant to listen to your needs, then offer the best available options to bring those needs to fruition. I want a homeowner to be comfortable with me as a person first and confident that I will be able to provide them with the best options or solutions available.

Jacob: Don’t make excuses; make improvements to the process.

Devin: And always treat people the way you want to be treated. At the end of the day, we want to ensure that we are listening to our customers’ needs and ultimately meeting or exceeding expectations.
EK: We know that you all have been the recipient of quite a few awards. Tell our readers about CertaPro’s business and individuals’ achievements?

Andy: The greatest honor is to be named the winner of the CertaCup. This annual award recognizes the top performing franchise in a system of more than 400 privately owned small businesses. We have won the award four times and have been a finalist for half of the years we have been in business. We have had more nominations and wins than any other CertaPro company in the system. We also have a team full of high achievers who have won numerous regional and national individual awards as well. 

EK: Anything else you would like Everything Knoxville to know about CertaPro?
Devin: In addition to residential and commercial interior and exterior painting, we provide all levels of drywall, carpentry, and remodel work as we strive to become your “one-stop shop.” We would especially like to thank our loyal customers. We have enjoyed working with and for you all these years and are excited to continue these relationships while fostering new ones!

CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee

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Same Building, Two Histories

Charles McClung McGhee (1828-1907) was a Knoxville industrialist, banker, real estate developer, railroad magnate, and philanthropist. Born in Monroe County, Tennessee, his father was a wealthy farmer and his mother was the daughter of surveyor Charles McClung, who is best known for drawing up the original plat of Knoxville in 1791. His mother is also a granddaughter of Knoxville’s founder, James White. Throughout his childhood, McGhee lived in both Knoxville and Monroe County and graduated from East Tennessee University (now known as the University of Tennessee) in 1846. He permanently relocated to Knoxville in 1860 and became a wealthy businessman and industrialist. McGhee’s interests ran wide, and he became one of Knoxville’s most influential and successful citizens. McGhee is best known for helping establish the Lawson McGhee Library in 1885, which was dedicated to the memory of his daughter, May “Lawson” McGhee Williams, who had died in 1883 as a result of complications from the birth of her first child.

In March 1872, it was announced in the Knoxville Daily Chronicle that architectural plans had been designed for a new home to be built by McGhee on the site of his former residence on Locust Street. J.H. Gallaher was to be the architect, and it was to be designed in the Italian Villa style. By June 1872, the Knoxville Daily Chronicle had announced that Gallaher’s design had ultimately been rejected and McGhee had hired the young carpenter and architect, Joseph F. Baumann (1844-1920), to design and supervise the construction of a Second Empire style residence. The house was constructed of pressed brick and white mortar and featured an impressive mansard roof and wrap around verandas. The inside featured a parlor, library, billiard room, bathrooms, and well-ventilated bedrooms. The house sat on the crest of a hill a few blocks from Market Square, and the yard and gardens covered a full city block. When President Rutherford B. Hayes toured the Southern States in 1877, McGhee hosted a reception for 600 people in his honor! McGhee and his family lived in the house until his death in 1907. After the death of McGhee, the home was willed to his three adult daughters.

Masonic fraternities had been a staple in Knoxville throughout the 19th century but were officially incorporated as the Masonic Fraternity Association in 1908. After purchasing a four story commercial building at the northern corner of Market Square in 1910, the Association felt that the location did not fulfill its needs and sold the building in 1912. From the proceeds of the sale, the Association purchased the McGhee home in 1914 for its new headquarters. After hiring architect Albert B. Baumann, Sr. (1861-1942), the brother and former business partner of the original architect, Joseph Baumann, it was decided to drastically modify the exterior design and remodel the home into the new Masonic Temple. Construction of the Temple was done by Knoxville building contractor J.M. Dunn & Son and started in the fall of 1915. The Temple was completed in early 1916 and was officially dedicated on October 27, 1916.

While the outside looks very different, you can still see a few remnants of the original exterior design features. The two most prominent examples are the bay window on the south side of the house and the elaborate door surround at the main entrance. The interior has a number of original details still in place that include the main entry hall and staircase, interior woodwork, doors openings, and other interior details. While the Association included a number of original features into the remodel, they did modify a number of details. One of the main modifications was to add a third story to the building and combine rooms to accommodate the need for large gatherings. In order to accommodate the growing needs of the Association, an elevator was installed in 1968 and a kitchen and dining room was added in 1972.

Next time you’re downtown, take a stroll over to Locust Street and take a look at some Knoxville history! Make sure to notice the Y.M.C.A. that was built in 1929 and the 1916 Masonic Court (now known as Kendrick Place) named after the Masonic Temple!

Knox Heritage preserves structures and places of historic or cultural significance for our community. Founded in 1974, Knox Heritage is a nonprofit dedicated to historic preservation education, advocacy, and technical services. It also owns and operates Historic Westwood and the Airplane Filling Station. Knox Heritage is supported by members who value preserving historic places in our community. Learn more and become a member at www.knoxheritage.org.

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Designer Garages

Step Into Style On Your Garage Floor

By Carrie McConkey, www.carriemcconkey.com

Who would have thought your garage could make a fashion statement? Now more than ever, garages are sporting their own style with designer upgrades that are attractive, durable, and add value to your home. Make your garage one-of-a-kind by installing a custom, hand-laid modular or epoxy floor. With endless color and pattern combinations available, in just a matter of hours, you’ll have a long-lasting floor that you – and your car – will love.

Epoxy Floors
Create a gorgeous garage from the ground up with a stain and chemical-resistant epoxy floor. Preparation is key to create a stable foundation and includes a professional moisture test, degreasing, crack fill and repair, and grinding. A colored epoxy base coat is applied, using a proprietary formula that wicks deep into the concrete for a bond three times stronger than ordinary epoxy. Hand-tossed vinyl flakes provide the granite-like appearance, and a long-wearing, UV-resistant Polyurea top coat seals with a high-gloss touch. Installation takes just one to two days, and your new, smooth, and attractive floor has its own 10-year limited warranty.

Swisstrax Modular Tiles
Swiss engineered and manufactured in the USA, the unique and versatile Swisstrax has earned a reputation as “The World’s Finest Modular Flooring.” Used everywhere from airplane hangars to health clubs, the durable and colorful floors can give your garage sharp and functional style in less than a day. The tiles are resistant to slips, fading, and stains and feature a channeled design which keeps the surface dry by allowing dirt, debris, and liquids to flow through. Quick tidying is a snap with a shop vac or pressure washer, or use a mop and degreaser for deeper cleanings. In the rare case that a tile may become damaged, it can simply be replaced, and if you decide to move, pop them apart and take them along!

Creative Possibilities
Let your imagination run wild when it comes to customizing your epoxy or Swisstrax floor, and take your garage to the next level. Swisstrax tiles come in 18 different colors that can be mixed and matched to create designs, monograms, borders, or checkered floors that match your home’s décor or represent your favorite sports team. The epoxy floor base coat is available in a variety of colors, along with the flakes that mimic beautiful natural finishes such as quartz and marble, and come in a range of sizes from a chunky 1″ to a tiny 1/16″.

Just like a designer accessory or piece of clothing can dress up an outfit, a beautiful floor can make your entire garage appear clean and attractive. Chris McKenry and his team at Designer Garages in West Knoxville are ready to help you choose the right flooring for your needs and make the most of the endless design options. Visit their showroom to see the full variety of epoxy and Swisstrax modular tile colors, and touch and walk on the floors themselves. Then, get your car ready for the red carpet!

Designer Garages
201 Center Park Drive #1070
Knoxville, TN 37922

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Are You Paying Too Much for Medicare?

By Yvonne Marsh, CFP®, CPA

Medicare is tricky – it’s an alphabet soup of “Parts” and “Plans” that each have their own costs, and the total monthly premiums quickly add up. Here are two ways to make sure you’re not overpaying.

First, many people don’t realize that your Part B premium cost is based on the tax return you filed two years ago. So for 2021, the government is looking at your 2019 return. While the base monthly cost is $148.50 in 2021, if you made more than $176k as a joint filer ($88k single), they’re going to hit you with a surcharge, called IRMAA (Income Related Medicare Adjustment Amount). IRMAAs range from an extra $59 to $356 per month for Part B and $12 to $77 per month for Part D.

Let’s say you retire and start Medicare in 2021, so they’re looking at your 2019 tax return to determine your Part B premium – when you were making a lot more money than you are now, being retired. It doesn’t seem fair that you should have to pay that extra surcharge, right? Right. And there’s a form for that… Form SSA-44, where you can request a waiver of that IRMAA surcharge and not have to pay it!

In fact, if you’ve had income decrease for lots of life-changing events – divorce, death of a spouse, work reduction, etc. – you can use the same form to apply for an IRMAA waiver. Technically, it doesn’t apply if you have a large capital gain in a year that does not repeat in future years, but I’ve had two clients apply for the IRMAA waiver under that circumstance and been approved, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Second, you can shop your Medicare Supplement policy for the cheapest price all year round – not just during open enrollment in the fall. All Med Supp plans offer the same benefits by Plan letter, so you’re literally searching for the cheapest price. Our in-house Medicare expert, Rick Austin, has a free quoting tool that looks across all companies to find your best price, if you need help.

Want to learn more Medicare tips and tricks? Join myself and Rick Austin on a Zoom call on May 12th at 10:30 am where we’ll share our Medicare insights and have time for Q&A as well. RSVP to bethany@marshpros.com and she’ll send you the link to register. See you then!

Marsh Wealth Management, LLC
Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor
504 Ebenezer Road
Knoxville, TN 37923

Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Services are offered through Marsh Wealth Management, LLC (“MWM”), an independent investment advisor registered with the state of Tennessee. Yvonne Marsh is an Investment Advisor Representative of MWM in the state of Tennessee. Marsh Professional Group, LLC is a TN registered public accounting firm and a separate legal entity from MWM. For a detailed discussion of MWM and their investment advisory fees, see the firm’s Form ADV on file with the SEC at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.

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Premiere Consignment

Overcoming the Estate Sale Blues

By Aaron Hunt, Co-Owner of Premiere Consignment

If you have never held an estate sale or tried to sell excess furniture, art, and home décor items resulting from a relocation or downsizing, there is a good chance that you will in the future. And if you are the person responsible for the sale, the experience can quickly become an overwhelming one.

The perfect solution for overcoming the estate sale blues is Premiere Consignment. We offer our clients three options: The first option is to display your sale items in our Tellico Village retail showroom. The second option is to sell your items right from your own home. This second option eliminates the inconvenience of moving your items and offers the added benefit of allowing would-be buyers the opportunity to visualize how the furniture, art, and home décor pieces might appear in their own home. The third option to escape the estate sale blues is our eBay store, where people from all over the world shop. We do the photography, listing, shipping, and then send you the money when pieces sell!

Premiere Consignment does it all. From our years of experience, we price your items based on what similar pieces sell for, advertise, and conduct your sale at the agreed upon dates and times. It couldn’t be easier! At the end of your estate sale, any remaining saleable items can be displayed in our retail showroom or donated to a charity with you receiving the tax donation receipt.

A full-service, upscale consignment company, we offer our clients the best solution to help you sell your gently used furniture, art, home décor, and Oriental rugs in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible, whether in our retail store, your home, or a separate off-site location. And remember that our extensive eBay online retail store can be used to sell your other goods, including china, collectibles, art, etc.

Whether you have a single item or entire house full of furniture, Premiere Consignment can help you manage the sale of many of your household items worry-free. To learn more, I invite you to call us at 865-458-9721 or visit www.premiereconsignment.com.

Premiere Consignment
320 Lakeside Plaza
Loudon, TN 37774

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We All Win

By Brett Cafferty

There is a definite air of optimism in the small business community. After an entire year of shut-downs, limited capacities, new ways of conducting business, and interacting (while avoiding) each other, it’s refreshing to hear that business is picking up! Spring events are being planned, and expectations of gathering with friends and family, combined with the nicer weather, makes for a welcome change!

An example of this enthusiasm was evident during a recent meeting of the Sweetwater Main Street Board, comprised of local businesses, property owners, and City of Sweetwater staff. The level of participation and cooperative spirit was impressive! They work together to plan and support awareness of the unique businesses in town with Main Street First Friday, Takeout Tuesdays to support local restaurants, and collaborate on creative ideas to bring people and businesses together. The recently announced the Blooms, Bluegrass & BBQ Festival is set for next month and is sure to be a hit! (See their ad on our inside front cover.)

Perhaps it’s the smaller town perspective of knowing your neighbors. Observing the goodwill and positive outlooks present at that meeting reminded me of the significant value and benefit that can be realized by being involved within your community.

This was reinforced in a subsequent visit to Sweetwater when I spoke with several local business owners who confirmed that my initial impressions were accurate. The City of Sweetwater does an excellent job of encouraging and helping their local businesses to thrive, the business owners recognize they are valued and heard, and the entire community benefits.

An observation from Main Street, USA, just down the road, and an encouraging reminder that working together, works.

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The First Step in Garage Renovation?

The Floor

We’ve all seen it: The house that is the epitome of curbside appeal – until the garage door opens, revealing a disorganized mess.

If your garage’s main purpose is random storage, maybe it’s time to repurpose all that valuable space. PremierGarage of Knoxville can help you transform your overlooked and underused garage into a functional living space, starting with a custom garage floor to take your garage from frantic to fabulous.

Why consider anything beyond your standard-issue concrete garage floor?

• Protect concrete from the harsh chemicals and liquids that leak from your automobile. Even the water, salt, and snow your car brings into the garage promote deterioration and cracking.
• Cleaning is easier. Untreated concrete gives off dust, but a flooring system significantly reduces dirt and dust. It prevents materials – from cars and your other garage-based activities (gardening, building, painting) – from soaking into the porous concrete.
• Fill and cover up existing cracks for looks, safety, and protection.
• Open up new activities in your garage. It could double as a workout room, gardening center, or children’s play area.
• Increase the resale value of your home.

For a striking and durable garage floor coating that is easy to maintain, Knoxville’s PremierGarage can transform an oil-stained, pitted, and peeling epoxy-coated garage floor into a showroom quality look. PremierGarage, serving East Tennessee for more than 10 years, combines its proprietary hybrid polymer flooring system technology with their extensive industry knowledge and experience to provide a high-quality finish that is chemical, stain, and slip resistant.

The two-day process starts with technicians who diamond grind the floor to the ideal surface condition to achieve a permanent chemical bond that substantially outlives traditional epoxies. The polyurea topcoat, which cures two times harder than epoxy, provides a continuous, non-porous coating surface that naturally resists various liquids that may leak from your automobile’s engine. It’s like armor for your concrete floor. Your garage will look more “finished,” and cleanup requires only a hose or mop.

Available in dozens of various chip and color combinations, you can customize your garage flooring to fit your home and style. PremierGarage’s flooring solutions are also suitable for commercial and light industrial applications.

Discover the affordability and beauty of transforming your garage floor. Home really does begin in the garage!

PremierGarage powered by Tailored Living

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Aqua Clear Water Systems

Invest in Improving Your Water, Health & Home Today!

We at Aqua Clear Water Systems believe that upgrading your home with a water filtration system is the #1 way to increase your home’s value and your family’s health. In the past year, we’ve spent more time in our homes than ever before, and the housing market has absolutely exploded. So, we’d like to give you 5 reasons why a Kinetico Water System is your next best home improvement investment.

1. Improved Water Quality, Taste & Odor. East Tennessee’s water is known for its hardness, as well as chlorine, iron, sediment, and other harmful contaminants polluting the water. A whole house Kinetico water filtration system can remove all of these contaminants to give you tasteless, odorless, and silky feeling soft water throughout your home.

2. Improved Life of Appliances & Fixtures. A system will protect your home from damages caused by a variety of water contaminants! You could be extending the life of your water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, pipes, refrigerator, and more by installing a Kinetico water system, because reducing the build-up in these appliances allows them to work efficiently.

3. Increased Value of Your Home. With the housing market booming, we’d love to help you get a bigger bang for your buck when selling. An article titled 10 Upgrades That Increase Home Values by Forbes stated “this amenity will pay off now and in the future when it’s time to sell.”

4. Improved Health. Chlorine is a harmful chemical used to treat bacteria in water. While it’s necessary to kill bacteria, chlorine can’t differentiate between good and bad bacteria. When you shower in chlorinated tap water, your skin absorbs the chlorine like a sponge, leaving your health at risk. To name a few, high amounts of chlorine can cause breathing and lung problems as well as cancer from THM agents. Filtering your water could save you from unnecessary illnesses.

5. Improved Skin & Hair. A whole house filtration system reduces the amount of build-up on your appliances, as well as your skin and hair. Who wouldn’t want that? Softened water results in brighter skin, shinier hair, and longer-lasting clothes.

Now that you know the benefits of installing a whole-home filtration system, we’d love the opportunity to help you improve your home in 2021 by doing an in-person or virtual free water health check-up. We’ll come to your house for FREE or connect via Zoom. It’s your choice! For Everything Knoxville readers only, we’re offering an exclusive designer faucet in the color of your choice ($195 value) and $200 off when you purchase a system before May 31, 2021. Give us a call or text today, and become a part of the ACWS family!

Aqua Clear Water Systems
1767 Kevin Lane
Lenoir City, TN 37772

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Getting Ready to Get Ready?

By Brett Cafferty

As I write this note to myself, I am reminded of a most basic human character trait we can easily accept as being part of our nature – procrastination. Put if off until later, deal with it tomorrow, awaiting more information, deferring to others, or simply not acting due to being unsure of a positive outcome. There are many professionals in the small business world who are creative, capable, hard-working people that fully believe in the work or service they offer but have a difficult time translating good intentions to tangible actions and often spend far too much time getting ready to get ready. Sound familiar?

In speaking with a fellow business owner recently, I was reminded of some basic principles from my early days in sales that I thought were worth sharing as a gentle reminder, myself included:

Swing the bat – Having been in sales roles in several industries, and also experiencing the challenge of hiring, managing, and coaching, this is the #1 rule that can be applied universally in all aspects of life. From a business perspective – the more activity, the more contacts made, the greater the chances for success. The learning curve is greatly improved, and patterns of behavior are established that reinforce a “get out and do it” mentality. It also develops a resiliency that, when the days (or months, or year) get tough, the default mindset is to press on, get up, and keep going.

When all else fails, follow the plan – The business owner I was speaking with is starting a new venture, and we talked about the challenges of a new industry and a sole proprietorship – from making new contacts to how to market yourself and all the uncertainties of “will this actually work out?”

Referring to lessons learned over the years that have been reinforced by mentors, co-workers, and authorities on the subject, when discouraged or in doubt, do the next thing. Regardless of the type of business or venture, there should be a basic “recipe” of activities that, when done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, will lead to results. This plan should be simple, easy to track, and easily shared with others for feedback or accountability.

When the days are long and you get discouraged, the simple act of following your plan by doing the next thing will result in a mental “boost” to help your attitude and perspective.  

From one procrastinator to another (and isn’t that all of us at one time or another?) – keep it simple, have faith in your plan, and swing the bat!

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European Fine Hardwood Floors

Quality Workmanship, Attention to Detail, and Another Very Satisfied Customer!

When lifelong Knox County residents and husband and wife of 48 years, Jerry and Cheryl Hickman, retired, it was time to make some needed repairs and updates to their home.

“We first learned about the quality work of European Fine Hardwood Floors when our son and his wife purchased an existing home three years ago,” said Cheryl. “They decided to pull out some carpet to add more wood flooring. The rest of the main level flooring was already wood. They sanded and refinished the existing wood floors, then stained and finished the new flooring. The completed work was beautiful!

“When it was time to replace the flooring in our 27-year-old family home, we knew who to call!” continued Cheryl. “We met with European Fine Hardwood Floors owners and husband and wife team, Valera and Svetlana Tomescu, and discussed a variety of options. They provided us with an estimate, the timeline to complete the work, the costs, the products they would use, and answered all of our questions. We were at ease knowing what to expect as the job progressed and found they did exactly what they said they would do.”

European Fine Hardwood Floors removed the existing wood floors and carpeting in Jerry and Cheryl’s home, removed the existing trim work, installed 1,900 square feet of new hardwood flooring, stained and finished the new flooring, and installed all new trim throughout.

“Valera prides himself on his work,” said Cheryl. “He pays attention to the smallest detail, and he wants the finished product to meet his high standards. He was willing to work long hours to complete any particular task. I also appreciated the fact that he never left a mess anywhere! The finished product is beautiful and exactly what we wanted for our home.

“Since our floors have been finished, we have had friends, painters, movers, and others into our home. ALL have commented on the beautiful floors. The quality and details are evident in Valera’s work, and we couldn’t be more pleased! My husband and I were impressed with Valera’s and Svetlana’s character – in addition to being hard workers, we also found them to be honest, trustworthy, and polite. Those qualities are hard to find.

“In this day and age, it is difficult to find workmanship of this quality. We have already recommended them to several others.”

To discover the European Fine Hardwood Floors difference for your yourself, call them at 865-640-3680 today.

European Fine Hardwood Floors

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