Shae Design Studio

For more than 16 years, Shae Design Studio has been creating uniquely dynamic interiors tailored to fit their individual clients’ styles and needs. Everything Knoxville caught up with owner Shae Seeber at their new showroom location in Franklin Square to discuss one of their latest epic projects – a deluxe pool house for an area homeowner. Shae shared with us how this project evolved from the first ideas their client had, to the expert planning of the furnishings and accessories, to the beautiful success we see here.

This pool house project began as a collaborative effort between the client, architect, and Shae Design team. Everyone worked through the initial plans together to ensure the final design was exactly as intended for the success of the space and the delight of the client. Furniture layouts were created within the architectural plans, and 3D renderings were “walked through” before the first hammer was ever raised to a nail. Almost every selection was finalized before construction began – from flooring, cabinets, furniture, color palettes, wood stains, light fixtures, countertops, hardware, exterior selections, and even pool finishes. With a cohesive plan set for the entire design, few surprises surfaced during the construction process, allowing the budget to be met, and conception to be realized, to the elation of everyone involved.

The Shae Design team served as project management from beginning to end. Electrical layouts were drawn, lighting plans created, tile installation designed, and furniture layouts planned. SDS facilitated any necessary handholding among the clients, contractors, and subcontractors involved. Most of the furnishings were custom designs by the SDS team, and a multitude of other items were sourced through trusted Shae Design vendors.

From beginning to end, the design team was present throughout every aspect of the design plan, including the final delivery and installation of the project. Furniture was arranged, art was hung, accessories were placed, lamps were illuminated, and pillows were fluffed. Every last detail of the finishing touches convey the message the clients longed to send: “Welcome to our home.”

This project beautifully serves as the ideal relationship between contractor, client, architect, and interior designer.

Interior Design: Pool House Project

Design Selections
Some call it “soup to nuts.” Our Interior Design team collaborated for months with the client and architect to bring a pool house dream to reality. From the architectural details to the electrical plan and decorative finishes, we worked with the contractors to ensure the success of the stunning end result. The beauty of the beams, cabinetry, countertops, custom fixtures, and upholstery make this local pool house the envy of all.

The Furniture
While we’ve seen countless woven and leather elements in design throughout the years, the warmth and dimension these materials bring to a space remains indisputable. We love incorporating a variety of textures in our projects to add interest and set the tone of the overall aesthetics. This particular project is replete with custom textiles, hand-selected fabrics, and unique furniture pieces that were all designed and selected by our team.

The Lighting
Artisan-crafted, expertly placed lighting adds sparkle, interest, dimension, and life to a space. Great lighting has the power to determine the mood, energy, and focus of your most beloved belongings and environments. The delicate balance of light and shade brings undeniable perfection to an interior. The scale required for the vaulted ceilings in this project makes these jewelry pieces breathtaking!

The Textiles
Textiles bring texture, comfort, beauty, and durability to your home. The layering of upholstery, pillows, throws, and rugs can soften the hard architectural details and create a collected, well-lived-in feel to a space. Cool hues and muted tones set the relaxing energy of this luxurious backyard pool retreat, creating vacation vibes mere steps from the client’s backdoor. During a worldwide pandemic, this lucky Knoxville family can escape to paradise without ever leaving home.

The Décor
This design project was all about styling. The most successful décor has a meticulous mix of materials, well-defined color palette, and complementary accents, which ultimately define how a space is experienced. With curated décor, natural elements, art, and finishing touches, this pool house project exceeded client expectations and brought their dream to life. The Shae Design team looks forward to doing the same for your next project.

New arrivals weekly! Come shop local with us!

Shae Design Studio
9700 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922
Facebook: @TheShaeDesignStudio

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Garage Flooring: Facts Before You Invest

For the past several years, homeowners have been investing in garage floor coatings – and the trend continues to grow. A recent industry report showed that consumer demand for garage flooring has increased almost 20% during the past two years.

Since a garage floor takes more daily abuse than any other floor in the home, it should be beautiful, yet tough enough to handle hot tires from cars, trucks, and motorcycles. However, all garage floor coatings are definitely not created equal. Most large home improvement stores sell DIY epoxy garage floor kits. These kits often consist of relatively inexpensive, water-based epoxies, which make a good basecoat. However, they do not include a high-performance urethane topcoat or proper concrete preparation, causing the flooring system to fail prematurely.

PremierGarage of Knoxville, the area’s flooring experts, says your garage floor coating should include these important industry practices:

Grind Preparation, Not Acid Wash
A significant factor in the longevity of a concrete coating is the preparation of the floor. It requires a surface texture that promotes a strong bond between the epoxy and the floor surface. Grinding creates the correct surface texture for the base coat to adhere to the concrete. Some companies try to acid wash floors, which is a less expensive method, but it does not create a good bond, resulting in a much lower bond strength and much higher probability of floor failure.

Full Flake Coverage, Not Partial
The amount of flake broadcast into the epoxy not only has a decorative purpose, but it also has a functional purpose.  Decorative flakes actually make the epoxy layer thicker and act as an additional bonding agent. Since the flakes are more flexible, it can help prevent chipping when objects are dropped onto it. Saturating the base coat with the flakes makes it up to three times thicker than if someone “sprinkled” flakes onto a solid epoxy color.   

Commercial-Grade Topcoat
Using a high-quality, commercial-grade polyurethane topcoat is vital so the floor stands up hot tires and dropped tools for many years. Polyurethane provides chemical, slip, UV, and scratch resistance, as well as gloss retention. It also reduces allergens by resisting the growth of microorganisms. The non-porous coating cures to twice as hard as traditional epoxies, making the garage floor resistant to gasoline, auto fluids, paint thinner, pesticides, and other household chemicals that can destroy inferior epoxy finishes.

Call PremierGarage of Knoxville to help you create a long-lasting garage floor. Then add custom garage cabinets and other storage solutions to turn your garage into your favorite spot in the home.

PremierGarage powered by Tailored Living

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Knox Heritage

Westmoreland Water Wheel and Gatepost

The Westmoreland Water Wheel and Gatepost are located at the intersection of Sherwood Drive and Westland Drive just west of Northshore Drive. Together, these structures mark the eastern entrance to the Westmoreland Heights neighborhood. The Westmoreland Wheelhouse was built in 1923 in the Tudor Revival style. The gatepost was built opposite the wheel house in 1925, duplicating its style characteristics. Both the wheel house and gatepost were designed by noted local architect Charles I. Barber of the architectural firm of Barber and McMurray. Prominent local landscape architect Charles F. Lester provided the landscape design.

The water wheel is a steel overshot wheel purchased by Edward T. Manning, President of the Tennessee Mill & Mine Supply Company from the Fitz Water Wheel Company of Hanover, Pennsylvania. The wheel was installed by R.A. Calloway, an employee with the Tennessee Mill & Mine Supply Company. East Tennessee marble is the most notable exterior architectural feature of the structures; other architectural materials include, wood, slate, and iron. A large spring located near the wheel house was used as a source to power the water wheel.

The land on which the structures are located was first settled in 1809 by Captain William Lyons, and ownership of much of the land continued with his descendants until 1923. The water wheel was built to generate electricity and water for the four original houses in the area, two of which were owned by Lyons’ descendants. The other owners included Edward T. Manning and Judge Daniel Clary Webb, a prominent Knoxville lawyer and the first Juvenile Court Judge in Knox County.

The Westmoreland Heights subdivision, located west and north of the water wheel, was developed in 1923 by Westmoreland Heights, Inc. From January until March 1925, Charles F. Lester designed the roads; engineers Sehorn & Kennedy surveyed and plotted the roads and lots; and O.N. Davis built the roads. The neighborhood was originally 180 acres and featured large lots and views of the Smoky Mountains. Real estate advertisements of the time described Westmoreland Heights as a premier residential development featuring no congestion, privacy, open space, pure air, and freedom from smoke and dust.

Although the water wheel was one of the initial factors making the development of the subdivision feasible, it also carried within it the seeds that ended its role as a supplier since its capacity was soon exceeded. On July 12, 1929, the residents of the Westmoreland Heights signed an agreement with Knoxville Power and Light Company for the supply of electricity and upgraded the water wheel’s infrastructure.

With the help of Knox Heritage, the Westmoreland Water Wheel and Gatepost were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013. The water wheel is well known to many Knoxvillians and is a significant statement about Knoxville’s early 20th century history and residential development.

Knox Heritage preserves structures and places of historic or cultural significance for our community. Established in 1974 as a non-profit educational corporation, our organization works to protect and raise awareness of what is beautiful and irreplaceable in East Tennessee.

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Zoo Knoxville

Fun on the Outside, Serious About Animals on the Inside

The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Campus (ARC) is now open at Zoo Knoxville! The ARC Center is an innovative model, combining animal habitats with education space, all designed to spark curiosity and inspire learning. Striking, museum-quality displays draw you in and encourage getting up close and personal with these most captivating of creatures. As the largest project in the zoo’s history, the ARC provides the home that the zoo’s amphibian and reptile friends deserve, showcases the zoo’s pioneering conservation work with these species and features revolutionary STEM education resources.

The ARC is the newest addition to the 53-acre Zoo Knoxville that houses more than 800 animals. Visit for a complete A-Z listing! As one of the premiere zoological experiences in the southeast, Zoo Knoxville is committed to sharing “wildly fun” experiences that educate and inspire with acres of creative habitats for animal lovers of all ages to explore. The zoo is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm with later hours on Thursdays until 8 pm.

New Home for Amphibians, Snakes & More
Each area was crafted with insights from the animals’ curators and keepers for their specific species and habitat. The ARC is divided into specific environments:

CONSERVATORY & VENOMOUS GALLERY where you can get close to new species of crocodiles, lizards, salamanders, turtles, frogs and snakes.

GREENHOUSE HABITAT that was built for showing off radiated tortoises and over a dozen endangered Asian turtle species.

WETLANDS AREA is an outdoor classroom complete with Marshland Boardwalk and large concrete “lily pads” perfect for hopping to interact with animals in marshes and bogs that are teaming with life.

The zoo’s North American River Otters will be moving to their new outdoor habitat located next to the ARC building – complete with a sandy beach, a bubbling stream and, of course, a pool to see the otters’ underwater antics.

Each area has informative placards with the animals’ name, what they eat, where their native habitat is, some interesting facts, and their Status in the Wild pertaining to whether their species is endangered or not.

New Space for Conservation Work
Zoo Knoxville is committed to being part of the solution to save species from extinction, both locally and globally.

As part of a collaborative Species Survival Plan for endangered animals, Zoo Knoxville joins one of the largest conservation movements on the planet, working to maintain a healthy, genetically diverse population to ensure that animals are not lost to extinction.

Zoo Knoxville’s herpetology team is internationally acclaimed for its expertise and work to save critically endangered amphibians and reptiles. The use of the ARC acronym for the new campus is a reflection of the role Zoo Knoxville has as a modern day “ark” and the work being done to save animals from extinction. While Zoo Knoxville’s herpetology department is ranked among the top in the country, only 10% of the animals were on view in the former, aging facility.

As the first zoo to ever hatch the critically endangered northern spider tortoises, Zoo Knoxville has become a world leader in tortoise and turtle conservation. At the ARC Campus, you can see the newest hatchlings in the Turtle Hatchery nursery and watch zoo staff get them off to a healthy start.

New Area for Immersive Education
In addition to the many interactive displays, this $18 million project has created an unparalleled level of personal experience at Zoo Knoxville, with immersive educational elements focusing on core STEM concepts. The ARC has exciting new species such as Cuban crocodiles, a greenhouse where you can watch herpetologists at work, and outdoor wetlands that serve as an ecological study habitat where children can collect specimens and take them back to an Adventure Lab to study.

Both the indoor and outdoor classrooms are combined with multi-course STEM curriculum and programming that facilitates exploration and learning. These educational spaces and programs can be used for field trips, home school classes, scout troops, youth groups, zoo camps and overnight adventures.

These kinds of experiences inspire future conservationists to care about wild life and wild places. You might see anything from a rare tortoise hatching, to a venomous snake being fed right in front of you! Zoo Knoxville conducts critical research and conservation work with reptiles and amphibians that has global importance. The ARC opens up those spaces for all to see, allowing everyone to get closer than ever before to these compelling animals. For more information on the exciting new ARC Campus, visit and

Zoo After Hours
Thursday Evenings in September • 5 to 8 pm
Free for annual pass members or with a general admission ticket (same day re-entrance allowed). Featuring special menu items, a new food truck each week, and of course craft beer, wines and specialty cocktails, it’s a perfect way to wind down each week with friends and family. Always kid-friendly and always wildly fun! The Splash Pad is open all day and evening!

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Aqua Clear Water Systems

Have You Ever Been Stoned?

By David Brewster, Owner of Aqua Clear Water Systems, LLC

We aren’t talking about laughing on the floor in your freshman college dorm room stoned. We’re talking about crying on the toilet, questioning if you are dying, stoned. 
Kidney stones hurt! Ask a person who has experienced them to rank it on a pain scale of 1 to 10, and they’ll tell you it’s off the chart. Women will tell you it’s more painful than childbirth. Based on that, I want to do everything I can to NOT be the 1 out of 10 humans that pass a stone in their lifetime. You, too? Then, what could we do to prevent that?
Doctors will tell you the most important prevention method is drinking PLENTY of water to flush your kidneys! Except the doctor forgot to tell you one very important fact: The QUALITY of your water matters. Think about it. If your body is producing kidney stones, which are made up of calcium shards, wouldn’t it make sense to drink water that’s calcium-free?
Hard water is miracle-grow for kidney stones. If you look under your refrigerator water dispenser, you’d likely see white build-up, which is a sign your water is full of dissolved rock. If this build-up is calcifying over your showerheads, faucets, fridge water dispenser, and coffee maker, what do you think it is doing to your “internal body pipes?”
A PubMed article performed a “double-blind randomized trial” with 18 chronic kidney stone patients. In this experiment, one group drank hard water and the other soft water. Do you know what they found? In the patients who drank hard water, there was a 50% increase in the urinary calcium concentration and a 300% increase in the calcium-citrate index. So, what’s the solution? To drink pure water! 
Most of us believe bottled water is “pure.” However, most have mineral additives in them. So if you’re sick of lugging around those cheap, single-use plastic water bottles that aren’t really pure, you should invest in your own “bottled water factory!” For as low as $1 a day, you can have 4,000 purified water bottles at your kitchen sink!
Aqua Clear Water Systems can help you do that. We have installed more than 30,000 pieces of water filtration equipment over 25+ years. One client had suffered 71 stones in 1 year, but after installing our system, they NEVER had a stone again. Talk about “Changing Water, Changing Lives!”
So what are you waiting for? It doesn’t cost you a dime to have a conversation with us. We’d love to credit your account $200 just because we can’t wait to hear your kidney stone success story. Give us a call today, and it could change your health for the better!

Aqua Clear Water Systems
1767 Kevin Lane
Lenoir City, TN 37772

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Wonderful, Whimsical Woops!

By Julia Maddux, Co-Owner of West Town Mall Woops!

Are you looking for a delectable, delicate, delicious treat? Woops! carries a fabulous collection of French macarons and artisanal pastries right here in West Town Mall. What began in 2012 as a pop up shop in NYC, Woops! continues to offer the most authentic, handmade macarons outside of Paris. We invite you to try one to believe it – fancy, light, and packed with flavor!

After tasting these scrumptious, sophisticated sweets, my husband, Tom, and I knew we had to share them with Knoxville! Our uniquely flavored French macarons and pastries are perfect for a yummy moment of indulgence and are available individually or beautifully boxed for gift giving. With more than 10 flavor options, you are sure to find a favorite – or two!

In addition to being the ideal thoughtful and unique gift for your loved ones, Woops! French macarons are also available in customized gift boxes for parties, weddings, and corporate functions. Wouldn’t a colorful macaron pyramid be a fun – and delicious – addition to your next special event? With their unmistakable flavors and colors, Woops! macarons create a delightful visual effect on any table top of sweets. Check our website for our bright and beautiful Flavor Guide or come to our kiosk to see all the wonderful colors and flavors available.

Stop by our charming Woops! kiosk at West Town Mall, located just inside the entrance nearest to The Cheesecake Factory, to try a handmade-to-perfection luscious treat. A little slice of Paris right here in Knoxville, Tennessee! We – our fantastic staff, Tom, and I – look forward to serving you!

Woops! French Macarons and Artisanal Pastries
West Town Mall Kiosk
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Lily Pad Boutique

Sneak Preview… Fall 2021

The idea for fall and winter 2021 is casual comfort. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, fashion had been headed in an overall comfier direction for some time! The athleisure category has held strong for years, and stylish sneakers have overtaken sleek high heels as the footwear of choice for women everywhere.

Best of all, there’s now a comfortable look for everyone! Matching lounge sets have become a huge style staple – whether it be funky tie-dye or simple all black, these coordinated outfits can take you from morning errands to afternoon Zoom calls with ease.

If the matchy-matchy outfits aren’t your thing, an outfit made up of comfortable separates may be the 2021 trend you should explore. Try an “elevated jogger” pant paired with a statement sweater and denim jacket for a perfectly comfortable but still put together look!

Of course, all the comfortable outfits for the upcoming season are best paired with sneakers! Whether you choose a simple white, a funky print, a beautiful fall color, or a stylish platform, each sneaker “look” has its place in the fashion world for fall 2021.

We still offer a great selection of dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, and separates that can be pieced together if you are needing an outfit for a special occasion – perhaps a fall wedding or a holiday party.

At The Lily Pad, we have evolved with these ever-changing times to offer our customers the stylish comfort we are all looking for – and a safe environment to shop in.

Happy shopping!
Brenda & Ivy

The Lily Pad Boutique
209 N. Main Street
Sweetwater, TN 37874

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September Events

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Closets by McKenry

Intentional and Beautiful

Closets by McKenry and Designer Garages

Living in a neat and organized home is a gift that keeps on giving – providing extra mental energy, extra space, and extra time. No one knows this better than Chris McKenry, owner of Closets by McKenry and Designer Garages.

Setting up shop in Los Angeles as a professional organizer in 2000, the Knoxville native became a board member and president of the L.A. Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers and received recognition for his layout and design of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Through the years, he received multiple awards for his talents and was featured in Oprah’s “O” magazine, Women’s Day, the L.A. Times, and L.A. Weekly.

While in California, Chris realized that the right environment can enhance organization, and he began designing custom closets. After moving home in 2015, Chris opened Closets by McKenry, and four years later, Designer Garages. Chris now helps his clients lead happier lives by offering custom-designed storage solutions for virtually every room of the house. Local freelance writer Carrie McConkey learned more about Chris’ background and services in an interview for Everything Knoxville magazine.

Carrie: Your family owned and operated McKenry Produce in Knoxville. What is one lesson you learned from the business?

Chris: McKenry Produce was opened by my great grandfather’s brother-in-law in 1897 and was in business for more than 100 years. Starting as a one-room storefront that sold live chickens to customers, in the ’60s the company began supplying poultry to Kentucky Fried Chicken. I started working there after graduating from Carson-Newman University.

In addition to KFC, we served local white tablecloth restaurants like Regas. Focusing on the community was important to my family, and my dad, Joe McKenry, insisted on taking care of every customer’s needs. Often, we would meet a restaurateur after hours so they would not be out of product.

At Closets by McKenry and Designer Garages, we strive for that same dedication. If something out of the norm is requested, we try to source what is needed. We want our clients to know how much we appreciate their business.

Carrie: What sets Closets by McKenry and Designer Garages apart from your peers?

Chris: I believe our continued growth is proof of our desire to serve Knoxville to the fullest. When I first opened Closets by McKenry, I would give clients a tour of my own home to show them different organization ideas. In 2018, I realized a showroom was necessary to better display our products and store a competitively-priced inventory. The following year, I doubled our space and opened the Designer Garages showroom.

To support this expansion, our team has tripled since I started the business. As professionals, and as people, I think they’re just the best. Our designers love what they do and bring experience and creative talent to their work. Our installers are conscientious and courteous. And our showroom manager is always there for our customers while keeping the rest of us on track!

Carrie: You give back in many ways. What is the importance of community to you?

Chris: When I returned to Knoxville after 15 years in L.A., I knew I wanted to be active in our wonderful community. My first year back, we designed the craft room in the Knoxville Symphony League ShowHouse. Two years later, we participated in the first Alzheimer’s Tennessee Home & Garden Tour, for which we received a national award for Best Closet Design.

Currently, we’re the Knoxville collection site for Carson-Newman University’s “Career Closet,” where donated professional garments in good condition will give a needed boost to students. We’re also excited to be opening our showroom for the Interior Design Society’s monthly meeting on August 17th at 5:30 pm. We welcome other community groups if they need a spot to hold events.

Carrie: Do you still offer professional organizing?

Chris: While I no longer provide professional organizing services, we have several local organizers that I confidently refer. Our custom designs will help you map where things should be placed in your new space. 

Carrie: In what other areas of the home can you provide storage? And what type of budgets do you work with?

Chris: We provide beautiful storage – shelves, drawers, cabinets, lighting, countertops, islands, and more – for nearly every area of your home. We have helped clients transform their laundry rooms and linen closets, primary closets and pantries, guest rooms, mud rooms, hobby rooms, and home offices. Some of our newest storage solutions include wall beds and wine storage. And we can outfit your garage from floor to ceiling with Swiss Trax or epoxy floors, slatwall panels, and cabinetry, including a beautiful powder-coated premium line from Carolina Garage.

It may sound trite, but we welcome every size budget and project. We can help you remodel the corner of one room or plan out your entire new construction home – we enjoy working with developers, contractors, and architects. Whether you know what you want or are unsure, we’ll ask what is needed to achieve your goals – from extravagant to purely functional – and we’re now offering financing and 12 months same as cash for those who qualify.

Carrie: How can people find you?

Chris: Closets by McKenry and Designer Garages showrooms in West Knoxville are open six days a week. We can schedule an at-home visit, where we will design your space together, or meet virtually. Call, click, or come in – whatever is easiest for you. We want to make your experience planning a new closet, garage, or other storage system as simple and satisfying as possible.

Closets by McKenry – Designer Garages
201 Center Park Drive, Suite 1070
Knoxville, TN 37922

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Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits

Choosing Fido’s Best Boarding Vacation

Just as you choose a hotel for your personal vacation, you should choose a fun resort for your four-legged kids’ home away from home. These important features should be present:

• Tours available prior to initial stay. If the kennel does not offer tours, cross it off your list!
• Kennels should smell clean with no odor of stale urine. Good ventilation systems should be in place, along with a sanitation system. If the kennel smells sour when you walk in the lobby, walk out!
• Clean food and water bowls.
• Outdoor play yard should be large, allowing dogs to romp and play. It should be free of debris.
• Caring, loving, and detail-oriented staff. 24 hour surveillance with someone living on premises is ideal.

Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits offers all these basics, plus many additional amenities, including:

• Large suites with plenty of room for dogs to move around and not feel cramped.
• Special handling of elderly dogs.
• Separate play groups based on activity level.
• Nightly “tuck in” with homemade biscuits.
• TGIF all-meat hot dogs every Friday, special treats on holidays such as pumpkin muffins and almond biscottis.
• Surround sound music.
• Certified PetAirapy Air Purification System.
• Free bath after five-night stay.

Call Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits for your tour and to arrange your dog’s special vacation. Daycare is also available.

Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits
2145 Beals Chapen Road
Lenoir City, TN 37772

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