Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Discover the Superior Oriental Rug Washing Advantage

By Kerry McDuffie, Owner of Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning

If you’re in the process of spring cleaning your home, don’t neglect your Oriental rugs. They’ve experienced a great deal of use this winter from wet, wintry mix covered shoes, including shoes contaminated with salt used on sidewalks and driveways. And no, simple vacuuming will not remove these accumulated contaminants, which can actually damage your rug’s natural fibers and organic dyes. Genuine, Oriental rug washing is the only proven way to thoroughly clean your home’s valuable rugs, and if you’re a pet owner, rug washing is an absolute necessity.

Most Oriental rug customers think that the first goal of Oriental rug washing is to “clean” their rugs. The first goal should be to “safely” wash their rugs.  Let me explain.

Oriental rugs are far different from their wall-to-wall cousins.  Oriental rugs are hand-woven using natural fibers and organic dyes, including, believe it or not, tea and vegetable dyes.  While beautiful to admire, Oriental rugs cannot be safely cleaned using today’s conventional carpet cleaning methods.  These conventional cleaning systems can actually permanently damage your valuable rugs.

At Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning’s West Knoxville-based Oriental rug washing boutique, we pamper your rugs by using our proprietary 11-step Oriental rug washing process, which assures you of both a thoroughly and safely cleaned rug. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to visit us online at and view our informative video to discover for yourself the Superior of Knoxville Oriental rug washing difference.

For all of your Oriental rug washing needs, along with your upholstery and carpet cleaning projects this spring, trust the one company that has put “superior” back into cleaning since 1985: Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning.

Superior Carpet & Rug Cleaning

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European Fine Hardwood Floors

It Is Difficult to Find Workmanship of This Quality Today

When lifelong Knox County residents and husband and wife team of 47 years, Jerry and Cheryl Hickman retired, it was time to make some needed repairs and updates to their home.

“Our youngest son and his wife, Amanda, purchased an existing home three years ago,” said Cheryl.  “Before moving into their home, they did some repair/renovation.  One thing they did was pull out some carpet to add more wood flooring.  The rest of the main level flooring was already wood. They hired European Fine Hardwood Floors to sand and refinish the existing wood floors and then stain and finish the new flooring.  The completed work was beautiful.  We knew then that when we were able to redo our floors, these were the people we would call.

“When we met with European Fine Hardwood Floors owners and husband and wife, Valera and Svetlana Tomescu, they discussed a variety options,” continued Cheryl. “They provided us with an estimate, the timeline to complete the work, the costs, the products, and answered all of our questions. We knew what to expect as the job progressed. We found that they did exactly what they said they would do.”

They removed the existing wood floors and carpeting in Jerry and Cheryl’s 27-year-old family farm, removed their existing trim work, installed 1,900 square feet of new hardwood flooring, stained and finished the new flooring, and installed all new trim throughout their home.

“Valera prides himself on his work,” said Cheryl. “He pays attention to the smallest detail, and he wants the finished product to meet high standards.  He was also willing to work long hours in order to complete any particular phase of the job.  I also appreciated the fact that he never left a mess anywhere. The finished product is beautiful. We got what we wanted for our home.

“Since our work has been finished, we have had painters, friends, movers, and others into our home. ALL have commented on the beautiful floors and the quality and details that are so evident in Valera’s work. I couldn’t be more pleased! I was impressed with Valera’s and Svetlana’s character. Yes, they are hard workers, but I also found them to be honest, trustworthy, and polite. Those qualities are hard to find.

“In this day and age, it is difficult to find workmanship of this quality. I have already recommended them to several others.”

To discover the European Fine Hardwood Floors difference for your yourself, call them at 865-640-3680 today.

European Fine Hardwood Floors

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Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits

Stress-Free Doggy Daycare

Our family dogs can sense tension and stress in a household, making their own lives more stressful. With growing numbers of family members remaining closer to home nowadays, our dogs deserve some special time to relieve the stress and tension that they are experiencing as their normal routines are placed out of balance. Their parents and their kids are glued to their televisions, laptops, and smart devices as we telecommute and study online. Tension is bound to result with family members completely out of their normal routine.

Why not let Ms. C’s do what we do best – “taking care of your four-legged kids” while you take care of  business at home (telecommuting, taking care of children, assisting elderly parents, etc.)? We have very strict cleaning and disinfecting controls in place, including installing the PetAirapy UV System, which has a 99.9% kill rate of viruses and bacteria.

Give your four-legged kid a much needed break by calling and making an appointment today for daycare for your dog. It’s only $20 per dog from 7:30 am to 6 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you wish, we will be happy to come out to your car to greet your four-legged kids. Just put us in your cell phone as a contact, give us a call when you enter our driveway, and we will greet you in person. Give us a call at 865-986-6325 today!

Ms. C’s Bed & Biscuits
2145 Beals Chapel Road
Lenoir City, TN 37772

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Clear the Garage Clutter

No, it’s not just you. Some of the mess and mounds of stuff in your garage is often just the busyness of life.   However, without efficient storage and organization solutions, clutter and chaos will continue to plague you.

If your garage looks chaotic, you can quickly gain control with custom garage storage cabinets from PremierGarage of Knoxville. PremierGarage, powered by Tailored Living, will help you find storage space for just about everything.  One of the biggest advantages of custom garage cabinets is they are tailored to your specific space so you can maximize the available storage space.  Cabinets are designed to fit around water heaters, electrical panels, doorways, and windows. You’ll get a clean, uniform look throughout your garage without having to piece together ready-made, do-it-yourself storage pieces.

Styles include traditional cabinet doors or siding doors for enclosed cabinets in narrow spaces. Cabinets can be integrated with countertops, drawers, and wall-hanging storage systems to maximize your storage space. One-inch-thick adjustable shelves inside the cabinets hold large plastic bins and other large items.

Other cabinet and storage options include:

» Adding locks to doors or drawers provides additional safety precautions to keep tools or toxic products like paint thinner, radiator coolant, and fertilizer out of reach of children.

» Slatwall, with its various hooks and baskets, is ideal for sports equipment and large tools like rakes, shovels, and hoses.  Slatwall helps keep everything off the floor and close to the wall for easy accessibility.

» Overhead automated lift systems for bikes, kayaks, and other items keep large objects safe from the outside weather but doesn’t take up valuable garage floor space.

» Tailored Living’s wide range of styles, finishes, and colors let you coordinate your garage cabinets with your home’s existing décor, or you can create a whole new look for the garage.

The perfect foundation for your garage cabinets is a durable custom garage floor. PremierGarage, the nation’s leader in garage enhancements and remodeling, can transform an oil-stained, pitted, or peeling epoxy-coated garage floor into a showroom quality look.  PremierGarage uses a proprietary hybrid polymer technology with their extensive industry knowledge and experience to provide a high-quality finish that is chemical, stain, and slip resistant.  And there are multiple colors to coordinate with your cabinets.

Never dread going into the garage again! Call PremierGarage of Knoxville to schedule a free, in-home consultation to help clear the clutter!

PremierGarage powered by Tailored Living

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South High Senior Living

The Surprising Healthy Benefits of Volunteering

By Helen Porter, CTRS, CADDCT, Executive Director of South High Senior Living

As a recreational therapist, I certainly believe in the power of play. Every senior living community should offer a wide variety of opportunities and a stellar activities program. As a part of an Integral Senior Living (ISL) community, one component of our programming is “ISL Inspires.” I’ve loved it from the beginning, knowing that repurposing and getting seniors involved in their community was important – and fun! However, when I learned about the statistics of volunteering, the purpose of the ISL Inspires and the need for it was greatly reinforced and brought on an even deeper meaning.

When it comes to leading a healthy life and adding quality years and longevity, we’re all willing to try new things – exercises, fad diets, or the newest supplements. And that’s not just seniors. The answer could be much more simple than we ever thought – just help out. Volunteer your time!

Studies have found some amazing benefits of purely sharing your time! It gives a whole new meaning to the idea that you have to give to get. In one study, individuals over 50 who were volunteering had 38% fewer nights spent in the hospital. In a Carnegie Mellon study, 200 hours of volunteering per year correlated to lower blood pressure. And that’s not all. An AARP study stated that “70% of volunteers who initially reported five or more symptoms of depression reported fewer symptoms at the end of the first year.” The National Institute on Aging has stated that participating in meaningful social activities, like volunteering, can improve longevity, improve mental health, and reduce the risk of dementia.

So how do we all get more time? We give it.

South High Senior Living
835 Tipton Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37920

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Aqua Clear Water Systems

Providing the Highest Quality Water for Your Home and Office for 15 Years

“I first learned about Aqua Clear Water Systems at a home show years ago,” said Greg Stowell, co-owner of Knoxville-based Clinton Glass Company. “We weren’t happy with our water quality and had Aqua Clear Water Systems install a new system from Kinetico in our home.  The change was incredible!  The water tasted better, and we used far less soap for washing laundry and dishes!

“We also discovered that Aqua Clear Water Systems could benefit us at Clinton Glass Company, where we recently installed new, state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment used in the fabrication of our heavy, frameless glass tub and shower enclosures.”

Clinton Glass is East Tennessee’s leading fabricator and installer of heavy, high-quality, frameless shower glass. In business since 1957, Clinton Glass Company has earned a reputation for outstanding quality and service designed to exceed the expectations of their customers and has installed more than 10,000 custom showers.

“To ensure the quality of our custom glass showers, we carefully consider every step in our fabrication process,” said Greg. “This is where Aqua Clear Water Systems made their contribution. We utilize a high pressure water jet to cut our shower door notches. Untreated water was not allowing the equipment to run properly.  We brought in Aqua Clear Water Systems to help overcome this problem. They were able to install a system that eliminated these impurities. The bottom line is that there are no more problems with our expensive fabricating equipment.

“I would highly recommend Aqua Clear Water Systems.  The difference in your home will be noticed right away. And if you have commercial needs, they can take care of you as well.”

To learn how Aqua Clear Water Systems can help you at your home or at your office, call them today at 865-225-6555 or visit them online at

Aqua Clear Water Systems
1767 Kevin Lane
Lenoir City, TN 37772

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Surface Doc

Deep Cleaning and Fogging for Health… and Peace of Mind

By Christina Fitzwilliam, Co-Owner of Surface Doc

Normally during this time of year, we at Surface Doc are patiently waiting for the rain to stop so we can get busy spring cleaning.  In addition to this year’s excessive rainfall, we are also facing a new, unwanted containment… the human coronavirus. Following all expert advice, prevention begins in the home. Washing hands, face, and contact surfaces greatly reduces the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

You probably know that our specialty is deep cleaning and sanitation services for your carpets and hard surfaces for both home and office. We love to clean, and eliminating germs is one of the reasons we are the best in the business. So, in lieu of the coronavirus epidemic, we want to do our best to help you, the homeowner, however we can. Our fogging technique virtually eliminates germs from colds, flu, staph, MRSA, and the human coronavirus.  “Whole room disinfection enables difficult-to-reach places to be thoroughly disinfected,” explained Dr. Karen Middleton of Campden BRI.

For a limited time, Surface Doc will offer a fogging sanitation service for all contact surfaces for both commercial and residential owners. Surface Doc has adopted the same methods being used by every major airline and government run transportation service for combating against the coronavirus. Using a fogger and an aggressive FDA recognized quaternary disinfectant, Surface Doc will fog all contact surfaces in your home, business, or vehicle.  If you are looking for peace of mind, this service is a great start.  Let us help get your home or business essentially germ free, thus giving you the best chance of staying healthy.

For more information, please visit our website at to learn about all our services. We also have provided links to official sites containing the most up-to-date information on the human coronavirus.

If you are like me and your spring cleaning “to do” list has you more stressed out than the coronavirus, we are ready to help. We do it all, inside and out! Concrete and paver driveways, walkways, wood decks, stone patios, tile kitchens, bathrooms, showers, stone countertops, not to mention soft-washing roofs and sidings are all areas we specialize in.  The sun is out, the rain has gone, it’s time to live again.  Life is better lived clean.

Surface Doc

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Undercover Systems

Weatherproof All of Your Out-of-Door Events

It’s time to move your family’s events back outdoors, and the professionals at Undercover Systems can provide you with the unlimited out-of-door options that your family can enjoy all year-round.

Spring is the perfect time to install Undercover Systems’ totally unique underdecking ceiling system under your home’s existing raised decks.  This totally proprietary and patented underdeck system will ensure that this year’s events will be protected from unexpected and unwanted rain, the searing summertime sun, and wintertime sleet and snow.

“Spring is a great time to weatherproof all of your future out-of-door events,” said Jim Conn, owner of Undercover Systems.  “Throughout the entire process, our skilled craftsmen work with you each step of the way, from consultation to project completion, until you are completely satisfied. And because each underdeck system we install is custom made by Undercover Systems specifically for your home, you can be assured of many years of reliable, trouble-free family enjoyment. Most competitive systems use generic, off the shelf components found at the big home improvement box stores. Homeowners also appreciate the fact that their new underdeck system is totally supported by Undercover Systems’ gutters and not your home’s deck as with competitive systems. This promotes greater deck air circulation and deck longevity.”

You’ll also appreciate Undercover Systems’ attention to detail, which comes from years of experience, as they help you craft a seamless transition from your home’s interior to your new out-of-door living spaces, which will perfectly complement your existing architecture and landscaping plan.

A complaint-free member of the Better Business Bureau, Undercover Systems offers you the peace of mind that you deserve in a building contractor.

Why not surprise your family this season with a special springtime gift that the entire family can enjoy all year long and start creating a lifetime of memories? Call Jim Conn today at 423-267-0091 and start celebrating every season out-of-doors.

Undercover Systems

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Window Works

Navigating the Replacement Window Marketplace

In 2020, an estimated 36 million replacement windows will be sold in the U.S. according to Principia Consulting, the Pennsylvania-based building materials and construction industry’s preeminent research and consulting firm. It’s no wonder that homeowners often feel overwhelmed when it’s time to select replacement windows for their home. While the life expectancy of your home’s windows is difficult to predict, their longevity typically depends on a variety of factors, including their age, brand, and proper maintenance. When it’s time to replace some or all of your home’s windows, you may discover that your decision will be complicated by competing claims from dozens of window manufacturers and rival installation companies.

You will likely find yourself asking: Which window is the most energy efficient? Which window will deliver the greatest longevity? Which window offers the best warranty? Equally important are the answers to other questions you need to ask yourself, such as: How long has your window contractor been in business? What has their customers’ experiences been like? Do they employ the best industry practices when installing your new windows?

Wendy Hughes and Chris Moon, sister and brother and owners of Knoxville-based Window Works, have earned a reputation for honesty, integrity, and quality craftsmanship that they learned from early childhood from their parents, Tom and Kay Moon. Tom and Kay launched and operated several home improvement companies over three decades. Their focus was to offer the highest quality home improvement products available combined with a customer service level that exceeded the expectations of their clients.

Today’s replacement window marketplace offers homeowners a large array of new, cutting-edge technologies and enhanced window designs, as well as exciting new options and features. But one thing that has not changed is the reputation that Window Works has earned for integrity and honesty that is the hallmark of their success that was instilled in Wendy and Chris as children by Tom and Kay.

In this issue of Everything Knoxville, we are pleased to share with you this interview with Wendy and Chris, which was designed to assist area homeowners who may be contemplating replacing their home’s windows.

EK: I’m not sure if my home’s windows require replacement. How can I be sure?

Wendy: There are a variety of factors to consider, including the age of your windows, the feeling of cold or hot air or drafts coming from your windows, and whether your windows are operating properly. Our team of product specialists put their talents to work daily, assisting homeowners in evaluating their home’s windows. They are invaluable in helping homeowners in their decision as to whether replacing their windows is a wise choice and, if so, presenting them with a range of options to consider.

EK: What replacement window is the right choice for my home?

Chris: Choosing the best replacement window for your home can be a daunting task. Homeowners might only make this decision once or twice in their lifetime, and the rapid technological advancements in the replacement window marketplace can create even more confusion. Perhaps the best place to begin is by selecting a replacement window contractor you know you can trust. A great replacement window is no substitute for a poorly performing contractor. If you’re uncomfortable or feel that you’re being pressured, trust your instincts. You’re going to have to live with your decision for many years to come.

EK: How is Window Works unique in the replacement window marketplace?

Wendy: Our customers routinely express just how comfortable they are in working with us. I think that because it is our nature to interact with them on such a personal level, they experience a level of confidence and trust that is increasingly more difficult to find today.

Chris: From an early age, we learned that your reputation was the very foundation of your business and that it’s something you have to earn every single day. We keep it simple. We listen carefully to our customers, and we offer honest assessments of their home’s windows. We are a second generation, family owned business that takes great pride in working with other families like our own. Placing our clients at the forefront of our daily activities, along with all that we have learned from our parents, have been the key to our success and why I think we see so many returning and referred customers.

EK: Tell our readers about the new, revolutionary, 7500 Series of replacement windows from industry innovator OKNA Windows.

Wendy: First of all, we invest considerable effort in investigating any potential new product we might offer in the future. The manufacturer must have earned a reputation for product and management excellence, as well as exhibit the financial strength needed to develop innovative new technologies while honoring their existing product warranties.

Chris: OKNA Windows, manufactured right here in the U.S.A., is a perfect example. Quite frankly, we believe that their replacement windows are among the finest available anywhere. OKNA has built an industry reputation by combining state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technologies, and dedicated craftsmanship. And the OKNA name has become synonymous with innovation, quality, and performance. They offer a wide selection of amazing window product lines, as well as a well-earned reputation for innovation, quality, and performance, and energy-efficiency.

OKNA Windows pioneered ClimaGuard. ClimaGuard is comprised of 11 optical tuned layers, which provide optimal climate control, neutral aesthetics, and plenty of natural light. ClimaGuards’ low-solar-gain coatings can provide better solar heat gain reduction than tinted glass, with a minimal loss of visible light. That means less harmful UV rays entering your home that can damage carpet, rugs, hardwood floors, artwork, and furnishings. OKNA Windows also feature high-performance, warm edge technology and insulating frames that help to create warmer interior glass surfaces and reduce frost and condensation.

In addition to offering a full line of quality vinyl windows, OKNA also offers the amazing 7500 Series composite windows manufactured from 100% pure virgin vinyl. These windows are available in a variety of interior colors, including wood grained, to seamlessly match your home’s interior décor. There is also a rich palette of exterior and custom colors available to complement your home’s exterior architecture. But what is most amazing is OKNA’s 50-year, non-prorated warranty on your new composite windows.

These ENERGY STAR rated windows also help homeowners who are interested in reducing energy costs to enjoy the savings associated with replacement windows from OKNA. Also, windows from OKNA outperform competitors on energy efficiency and excel in areas such as air infiltration and structural integrity. In fact, one of OKNA’s newest replacement windows was recognized by ENERGY STAR as “Most Efficient” in 2019. “Most Efficient” is a new distinction that recognizes products that deliver cutting-edge energy efficiency, along with the latest in technological innovation. It is an award that truly represents the very best of ENERGY STAR rated products.

EK: Describe your “Best Practices” installation promise.

Wendy: One thing about all replacement windows and doors is that they perform no better than the manner in which they were installed. That means that a highly rated replacement window installed improperly will likely perform no better than a poorly rated window. At Window Works, each of our installation teams is led by a team leader with at least two decades of experience. Our team members have been trained in the proper installation of all the products we sell and adhere to the procedures outlined by each manufacturer whose products we represent, all backed up by our “Peace of Mind Product Warranty” – your assurance of a lifetime of quality and performance.

Window Works is also a TVA Escore approved contractor. This is an added benefit for all of our customers, as it offers them the opportunity to have an independent third party inspect our installation to ensure that it was installed and sealed properly. It’s a wonderful, value added opportunity that any of our clients can take full advantage of.

EK: In addition to replacement windows, what other products does Window Works offer homeowners?

Wendy: We also offer siding, patio doors, and gutters from the nation’s top manufacturers, which means that you will have a wide variety of colors and styles to select from.

EK: How has your commitment to provide a customer service experience that exceeds the expectations of your clients impacted Window Works?

Chris: At Window Works, there are no big or small projects. We provide the same high level of customer care to each and every client. We treat you the way we would want to be treated and treat your home as if it was our own.

We listen carefully to you. Are your improvements designed to create a maintenance-free advantage, energy efficiency and savings, or to update the overall appearance of your home? Those are just a few things we consider when we work alongside our clients before we recommend the best products to complete their projects.

We don’t sell products or services to our clients that they don’t need or even want. That doesn’t help either one of us in the long run. It destroys trust. By educating and working with our clients, we eliminate the potential for this to occur. At the end of every project, our goal is to have exceeded your expectations and to have earned your trust. This becomes the foundation of future client referrals and our success – a success where everybody is the winner.

EK: Describe your “Peace of Mind Product Warranty.”

Wendy: A great warranty is important to every homeowner that is planning on remaining in their current home for many years to come. Having a warranty in writing provides the homeowner with the peace of mind they deserve. A perfect example is OKNA’s lifetime transferable warranty on their composite windows for the original homeowner. Also, OKNA’s vinyl windows have a lifetime warranty that is fully transferable to a second homeowner, which is a real plus should you sell your home in the future.

EK: What is the best way for our readers to learn more OKNA Windows and Window Works?

Chris: There are a couple of ways. You can call us at 865-560-3044, or, if you prefer, you can come by our showroom and discovery center located at 10909 Murdock Drive in Knoxville.

EK: In closing, is there anything you would like to add?

Wendy: On behalf of the entire Window Works family, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for allowing us to come into their homes to experience the Window Works difference. We look forward to helping every homeowner who may be considering replacing their home’s windows, siding, gutters, and patio doors. We invite you to discover the Window Works difference for yourself.

Window Works
10909 Murdock Drive
Knoxville, TN 37932

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Premiere Consignment

Premiere Consignment – Your Home’s Makeover Headquarters

By Aaron Hunt, Co-Owner of Premiere Consignment

There are very few days that I would describe as dull or boring at Premiere Consignment in nearby Tellico Village. The vast variety of household items that we accept for consignment, combined with the personalities and stories of both our consignors and customers, provide an endless source of fascinating anecdotes. When you consider that the items we sell were acquired from throughout North America and occasionally from around the world as our consignors pursued their individual careers, and that many of the items we re-sell include antiques, as well as items that have been in some families for many generations, shopping at Premiere Consignment can be an adventure in itself. Retirees converge on the Tellico Lake area from all around the globe, bringing with them possessions they have acquired throughout their lifetimes, many of which find themselves at Premiere Consignment.

We encourage our many customers to visit us often, as we accept new inventory items daily. Discover room settings and individual accent pieces from the nation’s top furniture brands, including Henredon, Bernhardt, Hooker, and more. We also feature quality Oriental and area rugs, table and floor lighting, décor items, and a large selection of wall art, including limited edition prints from both national and regional artists. So whether you need to furnish an entire home or just a single room, you’re likely to discover what you’re looking for locally at Premiere Consignment – and at prices far below their original retail cost.

If you own unused, quality, pre-owned furniture, room décor, art, or Oriental rugs resulting from downsizing, relocation, or an update, Premiere Consignment can help turn those unneeded items into cash without the hassle of placing classified ads, waiting for strangers to show up at your home, or hoping the buyer’s check clears your bank. We take the uncertainty out of re-selling your unneeded household items. We can even help you with your moving or estate sale.

Just give us a call, visit us online, or, better yet, visit our retail showroom, and we will be happy to share with you the many ways Premiere Consignment can assist you. And while you’re here, don’t forget to ask us about our online eBay store that opens the entire world to all of our consignors.

Premiere Consignment
320 Lakeside Plaza
Loudon, TN 37774

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