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Amish Excellence

Amish Excellence

Celebrating One Year in Business

By Angie Carroll, Owner of Amish Excellence

This April we celebrate Amish Excellence’s first year in business.  It’s been a whirlwind, roller coaster ride with success exceeding our wildest expectations, for which we thank each and every one of you for both your support and encouragement.

During the entire month of April, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary, which will include unadvertised sales throughout the store.  Look for our tax-free weekend savings special, new homeowner discounts, and many other opportunities to save during April.

We also have other surprises for you as well, including an introduction of fabric and leather upholstered chairs and sofas from the very same Amish craftsmen that create all of our other fine furniture.  I guarantee you that you’re going to love one of the new upholstery fabrics that everyone is so excited about: Crypton.

If you’re looking for a quality look, feel, and durability in a fabric, then Crypton is for you.  Many upholstery fabrics are surface treated for dirt and stain resistance, but Crypton is totally different.  Crypton is the ultimate performance fabric with protection built into every fiber – and it’s not just surface protected.  Crypton is a textile solution offering stain, moisture, bacteria, and odor-resistant protection, so it won’t wear away.  What good is a beautiful living room if you can’t live in it?

Soft, durable, and stain, odor, and abrasion resistant, Crypton is available in a wide array of textures and vibrant colors.  Backed by more than 20 years of expertise in performance technology, Crypton home upholstery fabrics stay beautiful, last longer, and give you the freedom to enjoy life by making memories, not cleaning up after them.

Be sure to mark your calendar for Thursday and Friday, April 27th and 28th, when Amish Excellence hosts some very special guests, Robert Yoder and Wyman Miller, two of our Amish craftsmen from Apple Creek, Ohio.  Both men and their wives will be available to greet guests and describe their passion for creating these incredibly fine furniture pieces, as well as to answer any questions you may have.

So please accept our invitation to join us during our month-long anniversary celebration and to take advantage of some incredible savings as our way of saying thank you to each and every one of you.

Dedicated to Things that Last.  God, Family, Integrity, Thrift, and Simplicity.

Amish Excellence
613 N. Campbell Station Road
Knoxville, TN 37934

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The Design Makes the Difference

The Design Makes the Difference

By Heath Myrick, Owner of Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting-Knoxville

The right landscape lighting design can turn your house into a showcase just as quickly as poor lighting design will reduce it to little more than an eyesore. Curb appeal isn’t just for daylight hours. If you spend your entire landscaping budget on plants and flowers, you only have curb appeal for half the time! Good landscape lighting design should draw attention to the architectural details you fell in love with when you purchased your home and highlight features in your landscape design, bringing beauty and drama to your yard, all while increasing the value of your home.

Think of your home’s lighting as a nightscape. A nightscape is like painting with light to show the beauty of your home. Quite often this could show off features that aren’t as prominent during the day but are captivating at night – as if revealing your home’s secrets. Lighting your home correctly will create two separate and beautiful landscapes – one a dayscape and the other your nightscape, each with their own character.

Every home has its own personality and unique features. A landscape lighting designer can show you how to highlight and help you decide which approach to take in your landscape lighting design. A minimalist design uses landscape lights to highlight your house and walkways in an understated way, whereas a statement approach uses more lights to highlight features with a dramatic effect. A balanced approach shows off the symmetry in the house or plantings. If you are mainly concerned with safety, you could take a safety approach and focus only on landscape lights for security. Many people choose a more natural approach that uses landscape lighting to emulate the way the moonlight dances through the trees. A professional landscape lighting designer can help you see which approach would work best for your nightscape.

If you’re considering outdoor lighting, I invite you to discover why Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting is East Tennessee’s first choice in exterior lighting. Call 865-484-4011 today or visit us at

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Knoxville
11519 Kingston Pike, Suite 156
Knoxville, TN 37934

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Knoxville Marble Polish

Knoxville Marble Polish

Your Premium Stone Care Connection

By Julie Murrell

Although the timeless elegance and lasting durability of natural stone surfaces has made them the perfect choice for use throughout many homes and commercial spaces for centuries, twenty-three years ago, when I married Bob, I knew nothing about stone. Bob, on the other hand, had been working for many years for his father’s family business, which was one of the largest suppliers of machines and chemicals to the U.S. natural stone industry.  I could have never imagined the adventures we would share as we traveled around the world studying natural stone restoration from master craftsmen.

A lot has been learned over the many years, miles, and square feet of stone that Bob and I have journeyed together. Every restoration project has added its own valuable lesson. I will never forget the very first of the many marble restoration projects that Bob took me on when we were newlyweds. It was in an amazingly appointed motor-coach. We restored the badly etched and worn marble corridor and kitchen floor of a million dollar tour bus. It was a tight squeeze with many lessons learned, but it was awesome to put the shine back on the tiles and a smile on the owner’s face.

I continued to travel with him as he taught. The international trade shows were my favorite trips. My knowledge and skills were growing, and I felt a desire to provide a marble restoration solution for Knoxville. I wanted to design a system to educate homeowners and their housekeepers on how to properly care for and maintain the beauty of the investments they had made when they chose natural stone and to provide restoration services for worn, scratched, etched, and stained natural stone surfaces.

Today, with my oldest daughter, Logan, also educated in the school of rock, I now have a dependable assistant and the drive to grow that desire into a business. Together with Bob’s continued support, expertise, and consultation, Logan and I provide our clients with the highest quality of restoration services. Knoxville Marble Polish provides restoration and maintenance solutions for marble, granite, slate, travertine, limestone, and terrazzo surfaces. From a full grind restoration to a final polish and everything in between, we have solutions for your particular indoor/outdoor natural stone issues. We are a family business passionate about preservation/restoration of all-natural stone installations. Visit our website at or give us a call at 865-689-4030 to learn more about how our experience and expertise can benefit you.

Knoxville Marble Polish

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Garage Flooring: Make Sure It’s Durable

Garage Flooring: Make Sure It’s Durable

Garage remodeling is currently the fastest-growing segment of the home-improvement industry.  It’s a separate room – and often the largest room in the house – that is not only a place to park a car, but can be used for various purposes: A workshop, warehouse, kids’ toy storage, or simply a place to hangout.

To give a garage a finished look and make it a more user-friendly space that’s easy to clean, renovations usually include a floor coating.  While there are a few flooring options, the decision usually comes down to a choice between a standard epoxy or PremierOne’s polyurea coating, developed and installed by PremierGarage.

Do-it-yourself epoxy kits are widely available and easy to work with. The down side is many things can go wrong while applying the coating. The epoxy may not set properly or have a weak bond to the concrete, and it takes a long time for the epoxy to dry and bond to the floor. And while the cost of epoxy is initially less expensive, epoxy also quickly delaminates when a vehicle’s hot tires bond to the surface and peels it away from the concrete.

“There have been many improvements in coating technology during the past 20 years, and the preferred garage flooring is our polyurea coating,” explained Brain Falls, co-owner of PremierGarage of Knoxville.  “Polyurea is a hard wearing coating that’s widely specified in commercial settings where failure is not an option and floors are designed to last the test of time.”

For the longest lasting concrete floor coating in the market, company technicians diamond-grind the floor to the ideal surface condition to achieve a permanent chemical bond. Other primary benefits of PremierGarage’s professionally installed flooring coating over epoxy is:

  • Superior finish that cures two times harder, eliminating unsightly marks, peeling, or blistering from hot tires and abrasions
  • Chemical, UV, stain, and slip-resistant
  • Commercial-grade product that is guaranteed for 10 years
  • Easy to clean

Available in a variety of colors, the flooring system is also perfect for concrete flooring in basements, front porches, and retail stores.

Call PremierGarage and discover the affordability of transforming your garage floor.  Home really does begin in the garage!


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Undercover Systems

Discover the Best Underdecking System Available Anywhere

By Jim Conn, Owner of Undercover Systems of Tennessee

More often than not we receive inquiries from homeowners who have recently visited friends and relatives that have installed an underdecking system on their home’s raised deck. I think it’s the appealing aesthetics that first catches their eye. Let’s face it: The underside of a deck as viewed from the patio below is dreary at best.

If you have ever investigated underdecking systems, you’ve already discovered that there are a variety of options to choose from. That’s why I would like to highlight a system that I truly believe you will find superior to any other system available.

First of all, we don’t purchase “off-the-shelf” components. All of the materials we install at your home were manufactured and fabricated at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We use only 22 gauge galvanized steel coated with a Dura Coat polyester paint. Many of our competitors use a light gauge aluminum substitute.

Our patented system does not attach itself to the underside of your deck. Our system is fully supported by our gutter system that is installed along the perimeter of your raised deck. This promotes the free circulation of air that aides in the drying of your deck’s support joists.

All we install is Undercover Systems’ patented decking systems. We are not remodeling contractors. All of our installers are factory trained and certified.

I think that what our clients appreciate most is that I, Jim Conn, owner of Undercover Systems of Tennessee, personally supervise each and every installation. In fact, I often help install our patented underdecking system as well.

If you have ever considered installing an underdeck system under your home’s raised deck, I invite you to discover why Undercover Systems is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and why we have received the much coveted Consumers’ Choice Award and Green Business Certification. Available in a variety of color options and our premium bead board design, discover how you can better enjoy your home’s outdoor living spaces by protecting your family from unexpected rain and the searing sun with Undercover Systems’ patented underdecking system.

Undercover Systems

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Granite Transformations

Transform Your Ordinary Bath into a Spa

By Buddy Baker, Co-Owner of Granite Transformations

Imagine beginning every day with a visit to your favorite spa, where you immerse yourself in the ambiance of both peace and tranquility. Sound impossible? Perhaps, but not if you were to transform your home’s traditional bath into a spa-like setting where you can experience the sheer bliss of your very own spa. For far less than you might imagine, you can have the same luxurious spa experience in your own home.

At Granite Transformations, we have been helping area homeowners transform ordinary bathrooms into their very own spa, where you can boost your mental and physical energy every day before you begin your busy day. And at Granite Transformations, the process is easier than you might have imagined by combining our extensive experience in creativity and craftsmanship.

It all starts with a design. Our in-home design consultants will work with you to help transform your dreams into your reality. Next, our team of expert installers will complete your project in just a matter of days and often in as little as one day. Finally, we back up your new project with Granite Transformations’ lifetime limited warranty.

A complete turn-key experience, Granite Transformations offers you a variety of engineered surfaces, including quartz, granite, recycled glass, and mosaic tiles. Infused with our patented ForeverSeal® Technology, our surfaces offer greater strength, seal-ability, and durability than competitive surfaces, resulting in far less maintenance.

Here is something else to consider. According to, “Buyers love the allure of a fresh, beautiful bathroom that reminds them of luxury hotels or soothing spas.” Not only are you able to enjoy your very own in-home spa, but you will be enhancing your home’s value and marketability.

So what’s the next step? Simply call Granite Transformations today to schedule your free, no-obligation, in-home consultation. Oh, and don’t forget the aroma therapy candles.


Create that Showcase Gourmet Kitchen Look

By Buddy Baker, Co-Owner of Granite Transformations

The person who wrote “a man’s home is his castle” was no doubt a man. Thirty-three years of marriage has taught me otherwise. As a husband, dad, and grandfather, I’ve learned that our home is far more than a place to sleep. Our home has become a family gathering place full of past memories and an entire future of memories yet to be experienced. I’ve also learned that no matter where we entertain our guests, they seem to like our kitchen best.

Despite all of the planning that my wife, Patti, and I have put into our home, our kitchen inevitably becomes the gathering place for our guests. And in anticipation of this fact, we designed a kitchen that is a friends and family gathering place yet retains that showcase gourmet look that we’re so proud of and that adds significantly to the value of our home.

One big advantage that we had in designing our home’s kitchen is that we really put our extensive experience as owners of Granite Transformations to work. Our kitchen was designed to be both safe and durable. We used Granite Transformations’ engineered granite countertops that never need sealing, unlike conventional slab granite countertops. And unlike slab granite, ours are NSF certified and don’t emit potentially harmful gases such as radon.

Designed by our own in-house design consultants, fabricated in our own Knoxville manufacturing facility, and installed by our own experienced craftsmen, our kitchen is both beautiful and, more importantly, safe and durable.

If you would like to transform your ordinary kitchen into that gourmet appearance that you’ve been dreaming of, why not let my family help your family discover the Granite Transformations’ difference? With our wide selection of quartz, granite, recycled glass, and mosaic tiles, we can help you transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

Granite Transformations
10539 Lexington Drive
Knoxville, TN 37932

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Plantation Reclaimed

Five Creative Ways to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood in Your Home

Reclaimed wood offers an incredible story that’s taken centuries to write. Some pieces may come from 18th and 19th century barns. Others may come from warehouses and factories built during the Industrial Revolution. Because of its varying origins, reclaimed wood exhibits characteristics that cannot be replicated, and no two boards are alike. You can sometimes discover exceptionally tight grain patterns, nail holes, weathered colors, rich patinas, saw marks, or other stunning characteristics in these one-of-a-kind products.

You will be able to create a space as unique as your taste with genuine reclaimed wood. And because there are so many ways to incorporate it in your home, from floor to ceiling, your only limitation will be your imagination.

Here are just a few ways you can incorporate reclaimed wood into your home or office:

1. Wide Plank Flooring
Reclaimed wood offers a remarkable and durable wide plank flooring experience. It is often available in much wider widths and longer lengths than today’s typical hardwood flooring. Antique Historic Planks may contain a blend of original saw marks, mixtures of grain patterns, and light and dark boards.

2. Reclaimed Wood for Ceilings
Reclaimed wood can also create stunning ceiling treatments. Authentic Reclaimed Barn Siding is a perfect solution for this application. Our Reclaimed Barn Siding comes from antique barns and other wooden structures that our craftsmen de-nail, hand inspect, and kiln dry to ensure it is of the highest quality. Grey-Brown Barn Siding is particularly unique in that it renders a weathered patina from direct exposure to exterior elements during its lifetime.

3. Reclaimed Wood for Walls
We weren’t joking when we said reclaimed wood could be used for floors, ceilings, and everything in between. If you are looking for a product to create an accent wall, reclaimed wood is the perfect solution. An accent wall of Grey-Brown Barn Siding, with its nail holes, deep grain texture, and weathered knots, can transform any space.

4. Fireplace Mantels
Reclaimed Fireplace Mantels are historic masterpieces of both beauty and style. We handcraft our Fireplace Mantels from generations’ old historic beams that supported old agricultural and industrial structures. Our Hand-Hewn Mantels feature original axe marks, while our Rough Sawn Mantels offer a smoother surface.

5. Reclaimed Trim & Baseboards
Even in the largest projects, the smallest details often make the biggest difference. The addition of Grey-Brown Barn siding, window trim and baseboards will perfectly complement the other reclaimed wood elements in your home or office.

We would love to demonstrate for you just how reclaimed wood can be creatively incorporated in your residential and commercial projects, from those applications already listed to beams, wooden vents, stair systems, and more. To learn more, you are invited to contact us to discover how reclaimed wood products can create the totally unique “showcase” look you’ve been searching for in your home or business.

Plantation Reclaimed

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Knoxville Bridge Club

Learn to Play Bridge on January 21st

Knoxville’s Learn Bridge in a Day™ seminars have been a huge success. Everyone always has a fun day of bridge. New friendships and partnerships have been developed as a result of those seminars, and those new players continue to enjoy this fascinating game.

On January 21st, Kevin Wilson will present another Learn Bridge in a Day™ seminar at the Knoxville Bridge Center. Participants will be introduced to the basics of playing and scoring contract bridge. Numerous coaches will be on hand to guide in actual play and to answer any questions.

This program is designed for those who have never played bridge, but it’s also for someone who might have played bridge years ago and would like to be re-introduced to the basics. Most importantly, it’s for anyone looking for an opportunity to meet new people while playing this fun and fascinating card game.

Participation in the one-day seminar will include follow-up beginning lessons during the next two weeks at no additional charge. Beginning with the third lesson, the Knoxville club will charge $5 per person.

“You can’t get any less expensive,” said Kevin. “We have a whole plan for them after the seminar.”

The follow-up bridge lessons will be held every Sunday afternoon at 1:30 or Tuesday evening at 6:00 at the Knoxville Bridge Center beginning January 22nd and 24th.

Pre-registration is not required but highly recommended due to limited seating. Call 865-539-4150 today to reserve your seat, and you can begin playing the best mind game ever on January 21st. The cost is $20. Check-in time is 12:30 pm, and the seminar begins at 1 pm. Your new best friend and partner just might be there waiting to meet you.

The Knoxville Bridge Club is located at 7400 Deane Hill Drive in Knoxville. For a map and additional information, visit

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Don’t Miss These Fun-Filled Fall Classes at Knox Essential Oils

We are excited to announce our fall schedule of classes. We are featuring several wonderful local speakers this go around. Our classes have a limited space of 15, so RSVP is encouraged.

» Boosting Your Immune System for Winter Wellness Using Essential Oils: September 13, 6:30-8:00, FREE – Learn how to naturally ward off all those seasonal threats coming our way.

» Essential Oils for Emergency Preparedness: September 20, 6:30-8:00, FREE – Learn which oils are a must to have in any disaster/emergency situation and how to pack an emergency backpack.

» T-Touch for Pets with Essential Oils with Terrie Irvin: October 4, 6:30-8:00, cost is $5 and will be donated to Small Paws Rescue – Terrie will demo this amazing technique for your pets.

» Immune System Support & Tea Blending with Rachel Milford: October 11, 6:30-8:00, cost is $30, RSVP required – Learn how to use herbs to boost your immune system daily. Class will include instructions on how to make herbal tea blends. Everyone will take home their own bag of immune support tea. This a great way to learn some homemade gift ideas.

» Relieving Seasonal Threat Symptoms with Fire Cider & Elderberry Syrup with Rachel Milford: October 18, 6:30-8:00, cost is $30, RSVP required – Learn how to make these super immune boosting brews. Everyone will take home their own jar of Elderberry Syrup.

» Recharge Your Vital Energy with Essential Oils with Lorrie White, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist: October 25, 6:30-8:00, FREE

» Using Essential Oils for Mood Management: November 1, 6:30-8:00, FREE – Learn how to use essential oils to manage moods and beat the winter blahs. This class is especially helpful for managing family during the holidays.

Be sure to take advantage of these learning opportunities. You may RSVP to or call the store at 865-474-1340. Herbal classes with Rachel Milford will require a deposit.

Knox Essential Oils is located at 4928 Homberg Drive in Knoxville. Hours are 10-6 Tuesday through Friday and 11-4 Saturday.

Knox Essential Oils
4928 Homberg Drive, Suite A-5
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Pennington Brow Bar

Glamour 24 Hours a Day

Pennington Brow BarCombine two decades as a freelance makeup artist and licensed aesthetician to the print, media, fashion, and video industries with a passionate entrepreneurial spirit and you will discover Pennington Brow Bar owner and creator, Randy Pennington.

“Because the world has become eyebrow obsessed, the brow business has grown exponentially” said Randy.  “A well manicured brow is a must for all!”

With the innate ability to bring out the natural beauty of his subject no matter the gender or ethnicity, Randy helps his clients reveal an exciting new level of glamour 24 hours a day.  To achieve this, Randy has created his very own Pennington Brow Bar line of affordable, luxury eyebrow cosmetics, in addition to offering concierge, in-home makeup services for weddings and special events, including makeup starting at $75, tweezing brows for $30, and strip lashes for $25.

Those wishing to experience truly beautiful brows will also appreciate that all of Randy’s proprietary eyebrow cosmetics, including brow powders that are made in the U.S.A., can be ordered online at

For that tailored design you’re searching for, call 615-596-7748 or visit online today.

Pennington Brow Bar

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