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Everything Knoxville is the premier fashion, dining, shopping, entertainment, travel, leisure, health, and everything magazine for Everything Knoxville.

Advertisers are excited about Everything Knoxville’s wide distribution targeting high-income and high-net worth households earning $80,000 or more annually throughout downtown Knoxville, Sequoyah Hills, Bearden, West Knoxville, Farragut, Concord and Hardin Valley.

And because how your company’s advertising message is received in-home is as important, perhaps more important than the message itself, advertisers appreciate the fact that over 25,000 of Everything Knoxville’s issues published monthly are delivered in-home by the U.S. Postal Service. Simply stated, Everything Knoxville magazine and the U. S. Postal Service deliver superior results when compared to other publications placed in unprotected newspaper boxes, publications thrown at the end of driveways or distributed by “hit-or-miss” wire-rack distribution.

Another unique feature of Everything Knoxville magazine is the availability of free article space for advertisers who wish to further “differentiate” their products and services from that of their competitors. And because Everything Knoxville magazine is locally owned and operated, it understands the unique needs of its self-employed advertising partners in a way that other publications cannot appreciate or understand.

Widest distribution, U.S. Postal Service delivery and free articles are only several of the reasons that advertisers view Everything Knoxville magazine as Knoxville’s bigger, bolder advertising solution and your best value in advertising.

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