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Medicare Open Enrollment is Here
By Scott Gallian, M.D., Co-Owner of Gallian Medical Group

Are you on Medicare or are you Medicare eligible? Your neighbors at Gallian Medical Group would like to remind you that Medicare Open Enrollment for 2018 is now through December 7.

We strongly encourage all Medicare beneficiaries to consider enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare Advantage Plans offer several benefits beyond what traditional Medicare offers.

Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by private insurance companies such as Humana or Blue Cross. They would replace Medicare Part B if you elected a Medicare Advantage Plan. Most plans work like typical HMO or PPO plans that most patients are familiar with. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average monthly premium for most plans averages $64.48 per month. Some plans even offer free monthly premiums. Medicare Part B monthly premiums, on the other hand, range from $134 to $268, depending on your income.

Medicare Advantage Plans also offer prescription drug coverage known as Medicare Part D. These plans can help you save money on your prescription medications. For 2019, the coverage limit will be $3,820. However, once you pass that limit, you will be responsible for a large portion of the next $5,100 in medication costs. This is known as the dreaded “doughnut hole.” The good news is that Medicare will still cover anywhere from 63% to 75% of your medication costs while in the doughnut hole. We strongly encourage you to consider generic medications whenever possible to avoid this tremendous cost.

Every Medicare Advantage Plan is also bound by federal law to set maximum limits on patients’ out-of-pocket costs. Most Medicare Advantage Plans also offer vision and dental benefits.

We highly recommend that all Medicare eligible patients visit to compare plans or contact their insurance company to find the right plan. Not all doctors accept all plans. Gallian Medical Group accepts nearly all Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans (not Cigna HealthSpring).

We also encourage all patients to have their annual flu shot and their one-time pneumonia vaccine. Did you know that influenza and pneumonia are each responsible for more than 50,000 deaths per year? That makes both of these conditions two of the leading causes of death in the United States, yet less than 70% of patients over age 65 are properly vaccinated.

Please call 865-383-7223 or visit us online at today to schedule your appointment to ensure that you are protected from these potentially deadly diseases.

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