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There’s New Hope for Migraine Sufferers

By Dr. Ryan Bell, DC

You probably have experienced or know someone who suffers from regular migraines. In the United States, more than 38 million people suffer from migraines. These can range from constant dull headaches to head pounding pain that causes a person to become nauseous. While this seems to be common among many people, it isn’t normal and should never be expected as just your lot in life.

Doctors still do not know what causes a person to experience a migraine. They think it can be many different factors, and each person is different. Some can be due to misalignments in their neck or constant stress causing tightness in their upper back. Foods and weather can bring on migraines for some. Migraines can also occur during hormonal changes in the body. The majority of times a person suffering with migraines takes some form of medication that might help with lessening the effects of them. Unfortunately, these can cause other kinds of headaches or negative side effects.

There is hope, though. Chiropractic care has shown to be very effective in reducing the severity and frequency of migraines. Research is starting to support the claims of millions of migraine suffers who have gained relief from their chiropractors. A Duke University study found that chiropractic adjustments to the spine were associated with significant improvements in headache outcomes. One migraine study found that 72% of sufferers benefitted from chiropractic treatment with either noticeable or substantial improvement. We have experienced this first-hand in our practice, and the majority of our patients experience relief from migraines after regular chiropractic care.

Our approach is gentle and wholistic. We utilize a state-of-the-art instrument, called the Pulstar, that uses little force and is very precise. It allows us to have a view of the tension in your spine before and after the adjustment. We also use a technique that addresses your whole body. If your migraine is caused by hormonal changes, we are able to address that with our adjustments since we reset your central nervous system through the Zone Technique.

My favorite story is of a patient of ours who has been experiencing an average of 15 migraines a month for the past eight years. She was on medication that would help whenever a migraine was occurring but would cause her to be groggy the next morning and resulted in a different type of headache after. The alternative was hospitalization. She was told by a specialist that she would have to live with migraines until she went through menopause. When she came to Bell Family Chiropractic, she was in the middle of her migraine cycle. After only her first adjustment, she went three days without a migraine. As she continues regular care, her migraines have greatly subsided, and she no longer worries about running out of her migraine medication. She can now go more than a week without experiencing a migraine and does not experience acid reflux as often.

We feel very confident in chiropractic and our technique. Because of this, we are offering all the readers of Everything Knoxville who are experiencing migraines a money back guarantee during September. You must schedule your free initial consultation in September and mention this article. If you aren’t happy after a month, we refund your money. That’s it. No strings attached. We just want to bring hope and healing to as many migraine sufferers as we can.

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