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What Does Your Gift Say?

What do our gifts say about us? We want them to say we are thoughtful, but are we always hitting the mark? For some of us, it requires thinking outside the box!

Hostess Gifts

If you are traveling out of the region, you might want to consider taking something from your home area like food or locally crafted goods such as pottery or woodwork. Other thoughtful ideas are things people can use every day, like napkins (with or without the napkin holder) or notecards from a local artist.

Wedding Gifts

Do you always buy off of a registry? Young people always need a lot of things, as most are setting up households for the first time. Think about a distinctive piece of pottery or a hand-turned serving bowl – a luxury that someone would likely not buy for themselves. Though gift cards are not considered by some to be thoughtful, sometimes gift certificates are the perfect gift. It is hard to buy art for someone else, so a gift certificate to a shop with art may be the perfect choice. This allows the new couple to buy that perfect piece to make their house a home.

Birthday Gifts

What does your friend love? From that special friend to the “thinking of you” gift, try to pick something that will make them smile each and every time they see it. Is it a floral arrangement, hand-crafted jewelry, a trinket for a shelf or table (think birds and bunnies!), or a garden stake or statuary?

At The Town Framery & Gifts, we are here to help you find that special gift for that special person in your life.

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